In collaboration with the esteemed University of Toronto Daniels School of Architecture, Studio North embarked on an ambitious endeavor – to design and construct a new Welcome Pavilion for the picturesque village of Wellington, Ontario.

Project Name-Welcome Pavilion
Studio Name-Studio North
Project size- 100 ft2
Completion date- 2018
Buidling levels- 1
Location-Arthur, Ontario, Canada
Photographer- Studio North

Welcome Pavilion by Studio North - Sheet4
©Studio North

Over the course of two weeks, a dedicated team of design-build professionals and architecture students, under the guidance of Sessional Professors Mark Erickson and Matthew Kennedy of Studio North, Teaching Assistant Allison Home-Douglas, worked tirelessly to bring this vision to fruition.

The success of this project was inextricably linked to the active involvement and support of the local community, whose invaluable insights into the unique traditions and culture of the village greatly enriched the design process. The community also provided invaluable assistance in procuring local materials and craftspeople to bring this project to life.

Welcome Pavilion by Studio North - Sheet6
©Studio North

Measuring 100 sq ft, the Welcome Pavilion serves as a warm and inviting gateway for visitors to Wellington and Prince Edward County, providing a centralized hub for maps, pamphlets, and information about the area. The space is thoughtfully divided into two distinct areas – an outdoor public space, complete with a shade structure, benches, and a map of the town, and an interior space, designed to protect and house guidance and promotional materials.

The design of the Pavilion is inspired by the local tradition of barn quilts – colorful geometric patterns that encapsulate the character and quality of the place, akin to family crests that distinguish one building from the next. The geometric language of these quilt patterns was used as inspiration for the CNC milled plywood screens that wrap the entire building, creating intricate shadows that transform throughout the day and the season.

Welcome Pavilion by Studio North - Sheet9
©Studio North

The interior of the pavilion is bathed in natural light, filtered through semi-translucent polycarbonate, which allows for diffused sunlight to penetrate through the plywood screens. The backside of the plywood screens is painted with bright colors that reflect back into the interior, creating a subtle play of light.That transforms throughout the day as the sun moves across the structure, adding an element of dynamism and ever-changing beauty to the space.


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