Dealing with everything from architectural design to branding to marketing, M-Rad is a new revolution in the field of creation and construction. It was founded by Matthew Rosenberg in Los Angeles permitting places and people to mutually live and grow. Interactive designs promoting concepts of sustainability and inspirations out of natural elements makes them stand out from the other birds in the flock. Not dispensing concepts alien to the context, the team pertains to simple designs with no diplomacy and strange themes. Not having a common design approach for all the projects is how they take their legacy forward. Every work has a direction of its own, creating its niche, and ultimately different from any of the other done by the same set of architects and designers. From blending into the natural topographies to inviting interests to abstract forms and shapes, the firm has an ideology unique to itself!

Let’s take a walk through some of their incredible masterpieces !

1. Collision Tower

Creating a city that maximizes collisions between people, enabling them to meet each other and talk is bound to lead to bigger revolutionary collaborations. This is the vision intended by the team by this residential building made out of container boxes that seem to collide into a central vertical atrium. With a single exit, single entry, and an atrium that passes through every flat help in the process of collision as intended. Prioritizing collision above convenience, this structure is one of the masterpieces of M-Rad.

 2. Donhill Residence

Getting a challenging and interesting site to work is the dream of every architect and if not worked out well, you can destroy the ethnicity of the place. Team M-Rad has carved this residence out of the Great Canyons multiplying the views to the Pacific Ocean and designing Zen gardens within the structure letting in light and warmth. No line or curve goes wrong in the design, perfectly contemplating the mountain dunes and valleys. The dramatic topography is enunciated and made more profound by this organic mass of concrete.

3. Ring HQ

The design of the new headquarters of Ring (a subsidiary of Amazon) at Hawthorne was a leap for the firm, into the high-class technological world. The exceptional design with co-working spaces built around an atrium of thirty olive trees was worth all the applause it received. With better securities in the neighborhood of the building, the design smartly preaches the vision of the company. Apart from reusing two abandoned warehouses, the design encompassed them into the existing building with a prominent and entry and friendly terrace spaces promoting its passionate work culture.

4. Autocamp

The California campground has been graced by these little mobile cabins, inclusive in nature and empathetic in approach. Applying to all laws of universality as implied by the American Disabilities Act (ADA), the design has five types of ideal stay homes. Allowing wheelchairs from entry to shower areas, it also has tactile sensors for the blind and deaf. In Despite its high degree of usability, it is aesthetic and throws a bold and modern outlook onto visitors. With a classic ‘on wheel’ approach, the interiors are contrary to the rustic exterior feel.

5. Hello Saturn

This project is a new model to the existing low-class neighborhoods with less or no access to natural elements. As the concept emphasized to make the green bunches looking outward as a part of the circulation pathways, rather than being an element of its own. The articulated and punched in corners and single units of the housing enable enough light and green to enter the house, and also promote communication between flatmates and of the building as a whole with the surroundings.

6. Devil Peak Resort

Some landscapes and scenic frames are beyond imagination. Architecture can either make or break it and making the best of it is what the team did! The chalets immersed into the green grasses at the peak, randomly placed to balance the creations in perfect harmony. With its pointing roofs of different sizes and angles along with the classic wood and black color combination, this is sheer brilliance. The resort units along with the shrines in the peak altogether make it look like a page from a modern mythological novel.

7. Malibu Stitch House

If architecture could represent ‘Different in one’, this could be it. To include a variety of living conditions and activities, the Malibu Stitch House, stitches it all to a single flowing structure that melts into the mountain ranges. The house doesn’t work if one of its wings is used, as co-existence is the motto behind. Hence, at a time, the house sells out all its wings to accelerate the living, just like how nature works by mutualism.

8. Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

Joining the banks of culture, water heritage, and architecture, this monumental structure resembles a wave from the lands that froze by a catastrophic burst. Nothing in it seems artificial with its glittery reflecting exterior façade and the barrels that seem to sweep like tides by the ocean.

9. 3D Print House

Nothing can express the future as this project does. Intertwining technology and sustainability, the architect makes use of traditional arch construction methods and the valour in the making of a spider web. And as they say, nature inspires and never goes wrong. Remixing the old and evergreen techniques into the new 3D printing machines, this house is a tribute to the mountains of Malibu, the sun, the waters, and the universe.

10. Hollywood Green Carpet

While all the architectural marvels in Hollywood put their best foot forward to make the front facades the focus of every eye, this project has human activities along with patches of green that vanishes to nowhere playing the role of an entry. The 33 units of the apartment, all with windows in the building envelope constitute the walls. With inbuilt seats and working zones, the entry steps into the building unknowingly, a feature well-intended by the architect.

11.Bunker Hill

In Downtown Los Angeles, this corner with a metro that runs with a station in the south of the site and a green sloping park often grazed by sheep, unable to be maintained by machinery and human. The building takes up very little ground coverage, enabling the park to uphold its function, and beams to the sky with its prominent glass and steel façade.

12. Golfstream

M-Rad has been the branding and creative head of the Golfstream Company for a long time, promoting their marketing strategies and design ideas. Golfstream being a big name in the indoor entertainment industry taking outdoor games within walls without reducing the passion and the atmosphere, getting their headquarters done was a big step for the team. With a raw touch of concrete and molded ambiance at ground levels, acoustic plays, and technological imbibitions, the design stood apart from many.

13. M-Rad Studio

Who wouldn’t love to work in a place with simple transitional spaces, break-out zones, sit-to-stand working planes, and event spaces to fuel in your energy! This is what the new M-Rad studio is all about, supportive to its design brainstorming team and the team on the stage handling events and launches in ordinance with marketing and branding.

14. Casa Roll

This incredible project of the team takes you on a journey with architectural history. It begins with an entry in the profile of an A-frame and ends at a cantilevered glass box resembling Philip Johnson’s Glass House above a curvy organic infinity pool. Placed overlooking the Hollywood mountains with the famous letter carved, this stand out of the context with its clean white color and blends into it with its climbing and dipping topography. Each phase you travel through, takes you to the skies and the undergrounds, beautifully manipulated.

15. Green Street Headquarters

This building is reused from a 1900s building to a commercial and social hub of the Green Street, a leading collaborative of the premium cannabis industry. This was meant to be a space for communion, work, live, and experience the evolving lifestyles of the members of the business with office suites, co-working spaces, performance spaces, spas, testing centers, and swimming pools.

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