This interior – architecture firm is based in New York, run by Joan Dineen, has shaped the interiors of well-known people and celebrities’ houses like – Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis and Demi Moore. They accept projects from demolition to accessories. Their rooms are calm and unassuming, this design firm has been recognized by publications like – Architectural Digest, Interiors, Interior Design, New York times and many other publications. They are a team of dedicated architects and designers who are committed to create beautiful spaces.

Dineen Architecture

1. Riverside Drive Family Home

Every nook and corner of the house is designed splendidly, with curtains matching with the seats in the dining room. Seating is provided in every corner of the house, with wooden flooring, which has lights. Peculiar kind of ceiling adds to the beauty of the house. A touch of purple in the form of flowers, vase’s and glasses beautifies it further more. Rooms with views of the river are designed as such to provide a relaxing experience.

2. Kips Bay Showhouse 2017

This cosy looking room, was redecorated for an annual fundraising event in 2017, seating place, tied up with ropes gives the room altogether a different look. Curtains with a mesh provides a transparency. Use of shades of Blue and Gray makes the room surreal.

3. Downtown Loft – NYC

Dining table with horns, provides a sensual appeal to the home. Dineen has used colour schemes that show modernity. This comfortable and cosy home is filled with natural light. Furniture used in the project has a very thoughtful design.

4. Upper East side Townhouse

In the Dining area, a modern touch is given to the traditional wall panelling, via design. Lights, flooring and furniture used gives a sense of calmness to the room. From furniture to the paintings hanging on the wall, Dineen tailored the house according to the client’s lifestyle. Architecture and Interiors are integrated seamlessly.

5. Downtown Fifth Avenue Duplex – Greenwich village – NYC

Turns out, Dineen created and used horns to create chairs and book weights, nevertheless, it looks suave. Furniture is kept at low height so that NYC’s Skyline does not get affected. Space is creatively used providing ample storage space. Spaces are decorated with such detailing that cushions on sofas and lounge chair seem to match with the outdoors, creating an unforgettable space for the user.

6. Holiday House – 2016

Dineen likes to play with shapes and it is clearly seen in the lights which are hanging from the ceiling, which when lights up look stunning. Drapes are not that thick, which ensures light to come inside the space, Colours used to decorate compliment each other.

Every detail you look at is neat, clean lines and very lean. This comfy place looks like great place for a detoxing holiday.

7. Kips Bay 2013

Dineen is a regular participant at the annual fundraising event. For which they created an elegant setting for cocktails and wine tasting in a glass observatory. Room defines spirit of the user. The firm states the room with – ‘pleasure, humour and delight’.

The heavenly setting for the evening is created by the wall treatment and the art. The decoration is minimalistic and uses carpeted floors, cabinets are flat panelled to add to the touch.

8. 3rd – Ave – Pied – a – Terre

Dineen is famous for its minimalist designs, and in this house, they have achieved this by using dark wood floor. Bedroom is white, from walls to furniture giving it a heavenly look. Niches inside walls are created, giving a minimal feel. Living room is large, modern and formal with an open concept dark wood flooring.

9. Residence at the Belnord

Complementing furniture with beige walls and medium tone wood floor with a grand piano to play creates an inordinate living room space. And a dinosaur sculpture, with a  bust of a man gives the room a loud look. Patterned walls, lounge chair, creates a relaxing experience in the bedroom.

10. Irving Apartment

Dining room is midsized decorated with minimalist medium tone wooden flooring and white walls. Foyer has been remodelled with wooden flooring and brown walls. Kitchen is decorated with flat panel cabinets made up of wood with marble countertops, appliances are made up of stainless steel, they have used white backsplash and an island.

11. Holiday house – 2014

Guest bedroom is carpeted with beige walls with no fireplace, whole setting creates a modern look to the house. Shelves with curves give a modern look with lights creating a peaceful ambience.

12.  Time Warner Apartment

It was a contemporary entry, in which they created a trendy entry foyer with beautiful pieces used in the house. The dining area is decorated with trendy dark wood flooring with white walls. Living room has an – open concept with trademark dark wood flooring and white walls. Guest room has been painted with matching furniture. Living rooms has depressions in the walls. Master bedroom is filled with natural light, integrating the interiors and architecture of the house.

13. NYC Loft

Dineen has used it’s trademark beige coloured walls, in the living room with a gorgeous starry chandelier that creates dreamy ambience. The decoration is largely contemporary, formal and has medium tone wood floor, with fire place plastered and specifically designed grate in the fireplace gives the living room a very fixed look.

Foyer was remodelled, and stunning marble flooring is used, adding to the contemporary touch is a Mr. Peanut Statue with a gold coloured table.

14. Upper east side apartment

It seems that Dineen decorated this apartment’s living room with the concept of bringing the family together. The family room is remodelled into a – family room – library with grey walls, no place for TV, no fireplace but ample natural light from the windows. Dining room is enclosed with medium tone wood floor. Lights hanging above dining table adds to the minimalistic character of the apartment.

15. Holiday House – 2012

Living room – library of the house is mid-sized and enclosed with light wood floor, purple walls give a minimalistic touch to the room. It has a fireplace unlike other Dineen’s designs. To ensure that there are no distractions, there’s no TV. Furniture used to redecorate is comfy and fit to sit, read and relax. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling which when lights up gives the room a spunky look.


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