This architecture firm which has it’s base in Chicago and other offices in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai is spreading its feathers globally.The firm believes in giving optimal performance with highly crafted technical expertise. A close connect with the client and attention in intricate detailing of the projects irrespective of the scale is what sets them apart.

Rooted with the practice of Mies Van der Rohe in 1938, the firm has attained a lot and is growing rapidly since then. With an expert team and profuse experience, they have completed projects of immense variety and scale, winning awards consistently over the years.

Let us look at 15 amazing projects by them

1. 150 North Riverside,Chicago, Illinois 

A 54 storey class A office tower with more than 75% landscaped public park with pedestrian pathways overlooking the river is a project of it’s kind. It was built on a site left vacant over decades due it’s proximity to the Chicago river and the railway line.It has achieved a gold LEED certificate and has dealt very efficiently with the site context without compromising any interior detail,45-foot column-free floor plates,90-foot-high lobby and a very unique 150-foot-long curated multimedia wall.

2. Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Center for the Musical Arts

Evanston, Illinois

This music school has a world class infrastructure with a blend of the best facilities and spaces with astounding views of the Chicago skyline and lake Michigan.Curated carefully with imbibing the process of music and its acoustic requirements,the structure stands as a dramatic architectural statement on the prime location.The recital hall;serving as the conclusion of the whole structure has the most unique character with a backdrop of a glass facade and wooden interiors on the other three sides.

3. Abu Dhabi Global Market Square, United Arab Emirates

This first integrated development in Abu Dhabi to attain the the gold LEED certificate has four office towers and the headquarters building with a double skinned glass facade that helps in maintaining the temperature dofference between the inside and the outside very efficiently.It has a plaza that seemlessly connects the whole complex with large landscaped are with walkable spaces.There is added upscale shopping front beneath the plaza level along the waterfront.

4. Zurich North America Headquarters, Illinois

The formal architectural resolution of the structure strives to represent both strength and stability, which are core values of the Zurich business model which is an insurance company of world class stature.The structure is composed of an arrangement of three bars placed over each other along different horizontal angles covered with glass facade is an office building with great sustainability values.It is certified with platinum LEED certificate and has multilevel plazas,open views to surroundings and centre core office buildings.

5. Wuhan Tai Bei Road Mixed-Use, China

A mixed use complex with commercial and residential typologies standing boldly in the Wuhan skyline has a holistic approach towards sustainability with various features like rainwater harvesting ,green roofs , high performance glasses and solar shading devices.It has efficient centre core twin offices inspired by the ripples of the water from the Baodao nearby have excellent vies of the city.The complex ensures a unique identity of each structure together with an integrated identity of the complex as a whole which marks itself as great allrounder.

6. Shanghai Qiaogao, China

It is a two parcel development situated in a high tech development zone connected by a retail podium.The twin tower office buildings serving as the welcoming and integrating element for the seven other buildings in the complex are divided by a central courtyard.The whole complex is set around a pedestrian friendly central landscaped courtyard which is the heart of it offering a scope of innumerable public interaction and engagement.

7. Baker & McKenzie, Illinois

An interior project with a vision that enables new levels of collaboration, flexibility and brand communication for the global law firm.The two store conference area anchored with the reception and water mirrored circulation spaces are the prime features of the project.It holds strongly the classical philosophies of air with panoramic views, earth with small garden areas, and fire with a custom gas fireplace.

8. The Summit, China

This two parcel mixed use development of offices, retail and luxury residences marks its strong identity with the Jinji lake.It is directly connected with the mass transit and has attained a gold LEED certificate thus ensuring a good hold of sustainable strategies .An innovative gridded facade system is utilized for the towers to further visually connect the buildings while seamlessly integrating operable ventilation for all users.

9. Grand Hyatt Dalian, China

A mixed use development with 370-key hotel and 84-unit serviced apartment tower beautifully adorns the Yellow sea and and China’s biggest plaza,Xinghai Square.It has a triangular serving great views to the assets beside as well as acting as a great measure to treat the wind load and sunlight.The lower storeys have the hotel with unobstructed views of the site with service apartments on the top.It also accomodates a four level podium with other recreational amenities.

10. Al Hilal Bank Office Tower, United Arab Emirates

Designed as a flagship commercial for Al Hilal Bank, this 24 storey building has won several prizes. It’s floor to ceiling, high performance glass serves as the highlighting feature of the structure.Three cubical masses sit atop the podium, stacked like shifted blocks.The project also houses podium with retail areas ,a landscaped park, and a reflecting pool.creating an inviting, shaded urban space.

11. Hotel Kapok Shenzhen Bay, China

It is a 19-story boutique hotel with 242 room designed with a unique concept avoiding the usual consolidated corridors. The resulting pinwheel plan allows for corridors that end in vision glass with a punctuation of light and views. Additionally there are four three tiered atriums that ascend up the space allowing light to penetrate deeper into the interiors of the hotel. The rooftop garden and restaurant offer great views to the surrounding site and skyline.

12. Chancheng Greenland Center Phase 2 , China

The project aims to maximize the significance of the site Chancheng District location by bringing into notice the nearby parks, stadium and public transportation outlets as value-adding catalysts and formalizing a flowing path of landscaped open spaces or plazas between them.The hotel and apartment tower,and ballroom podium serve as the project highlights offering great views and vistas to the neighbouring areas.

13. London House Chicago, Illinois

This is an adaptive reuse project which encompasses the renovation and expansion of a 21 storey building.It has respected and beautifully embraced the old and new in a very crisp and classic way.It has amazing views of the Chicago river.

14. Mennica Legacy Tower, Poland

The development features approximately 80,000 square meters of Class A office space, including a conference center, fitness center and ground-level retail, as well as four levels of underground parking and ancillary services.The textured, saw-toothed facades reinforce the rounded corners and give the enclosure an ever-changing appearance as one moves around the building.

15. Chicago Union Station Great Hall Restoration

This project dealt with the restoration of the ornate Beaux-Arts main waiting room, the “Great Hall,” one of the United States’ most historic and memorable public spaces with its 219-foot-long vaulted skylight and connecting lobbies and stairwells.



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