5+Design is an international design studio offering services in the fields of architecture, urban design, planning and interior design. Founded in 2005, the firm has offices in Hollywood, Shanghai and Dubai, and is led by founding directors Michael Ellis, Stan Hathaway and Arthur Benedetti. 5+Design is committed to establishing a closer link between the built environment and quality of life, and to creating thoughtful and responsible architecture that is linked to a true history of place. The design of their projects is based on three fundamental pillars. First, community- people like to be together in groups and share good times in welcoming places at varied scales, from rooms to that of cities. Second, connectivity- people need to feel connected, to be part of something bigger than themselves. Finally, contextuality- people are looking for authentic places and experiences. The following are 15 projects of 5+Design

1. DEEJ Campus

Client: Shandong Dong-e e-Jiao Co. Ltd.
Location: Shandong, China
Program: Residential, Restaurant, Office, Bio-Medical Facilities, Botanical Gardens
Site area: 6,821,703 sq. ft.
Building area: 2,983,412 sq. ft.

DEEJ is the new campus of a Chinese pharmaceutical company that creates a range of health products derived from traditional Chinese medicine. It is both a state-of-the-art production facility and a showroom that invites consumers to learn about the company’s history. DEEJ’s architecture embodies the company’s products through a blend of traditional and modern materials (glass, concrete and stone) to create a coherent overall language. The buildings are arranged around a central garden and a lake.

2. Piazza Maras

Client: Renaissance Development
Location: Kahramanmaras, Turkey
Program: Retail, Restaurant, Entertainment, Pedestrian Promenade
Site area: 387,501 sq. ft.
Building area: GBA 839,585 sq. ft., GLA 645,835 sq. ft.

The shopping center in Piazza Maras is inspired by the wooded mountains to the north of the city. It is organized in a series of unique districts connected by covered passageways. The program includes a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment offerings. There are open-air cafés, open-kitchens and a large terrace on the fourth level, all covered by a large wooden ceiling.

3. Wuhan Xintiandi Horizon North Pavilion

Client: Shui On Land Ltd.
Location: Wuhan, China
Program: Retail, Restaurant, Entertainment, Office, Residential, Park, Urban Farm
Site area: 7,537,084 sq. ft.
Building area: 4,278,654 sq. ft.

This project explores the quality and treatment of nature within a commercial space while offering world-class retail. A large atrium and an air bridge anchor the center. Outside the project, tree-lined terraces rise from street level, drawing visitors through the project’s outdoor spaces and onto the outdoor food court. The rhythm of the buildings, as well as the materials used, are exploited to create a modulation that speaks directly to the human scale of the streetscape. The most distinguished and singular element of the project is a roof garden accessible from the ground floor and open to the public. It demonstrates a true integration of the public space and exploits the flora to create an ecological haven that pays tribute to the region’s horticultural past.

4. Harbour Mile

Client: Shun Tak Properties
Location: Macau, China
Program: Residential, Hotel & Casino, Retail, Entertainment, Office, Exhibition Center
Site area: 1,018,266 sq. ft.
Building area: 6,829,989 sq. ft.

Harbour Mile is a mixed-use integrated development project. It creates over 600,000 sq. ft. of value-added retail space on a four-level lobby. It also includes a wide range of waterfront residences, club facilities, office space and a diverse selection of retail, entertainment and restaurant options.

5. Kotelniki Transit Center

Client: Essence Development
Location: Kotelniki, Russia
Program: Retail, Transit Center, Hypermarket, Restaurant, Entertainment
Site area: 575,223 sq. ft.
Building area: 2,958,192 sq. ft.

Serving as both a municipal and transit center, Kotelniki represents a practical solution to the transport needs of a rapidly changing city and responds to a deeper need for connectivity in the urban space. This multi-modal transit center also serves as the gateway to Moscow’s suburbs and connects several public spaces and one million sq. ft. of retail space, ranging from a hypermarket to movie theatres and restaurants.

6. Shanghai Expo Axis

Client: Portman (Shanghai) Investment
Location: Shanghai, China
Program: Restaurants, Hotel, Entertainment, Exhibition
Site area: 2,583,339 sq. ft.

Shanghai Expo Axis is a mixed-use project. Its development plan focuses on pedestrian movement over a significant distance, dividing the blocks into places of interest and exploration. The site offers restaurants, exhibitions, events, conventions, hotels and entertainment. The hotel complex includes two full-service luxury convention hotels and three boutique hotels. The roof level includes lightweight structures that are key elements of the project’s identity.

7. Cairo Festival City

Client: Al Futtaim Group
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Program: Retail, Office, Hotel
Site area: 51,670,000 sq. ft.
Building area: 2,400,000 sq. ft.

Cairo Festival City is a mixed-use urban community that includes Egypt’s first indoor-outdoor shopping mall. The Festival Centre consists of two levels of enclosed shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities that overlook the open-air performance spaces found in the Festival Village. The two levels are connected by a pedestrian street with tiered shops and cafés called the Promenade.

8. One Paseo

Client: Kilroy Realty
Location: San Diego, California
Program: Retail, Office, Community Center
Site area: 1,175,871 sq. ft.

One Paseo is a commercial village and mixed-use development. Originally planned in the 1970s, the new design was intended to provide a center for the community that integrates retail, office and residential buildings. The project was designed to be walkable, maximizing California‘s year-round climate. The concept centered on the use of paseos, courtyards and plazas that would create a series of connected pedestrian experiences that wind their way through the project. Buildings of varying sizes are combined with a layered use of the landscape to create a varied character. The heart of the project is the municipal square, a generously sized informal space for sitting, relaxing and eating, which can be programmed for a variety of public activities ranging from farmers’ markets to open-air film screenings.

9. Coconut Point

Client: Simon Property Group
Location: Estero, Florida
Program: Retail, Office, Residential
Site area: 1,900,000 square feet

Coconut Point is the first mixed-use development of this type between Naples and Fort Myers. The use of natural materials gives the many restaurants, shops and entertainment areas, a unique identity. The wetland retention ponds surrounding the project have been redesigned into a water landscape of fountains and ponds that herald the project, and include bridges connecting the restaurants and entertainment venues on the waterfront.

10. Henderson Haizhu Plaza

Client: Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.
Location: Guangzhou, China
Program: Retail, Restaurants, Entertainment, Communal Space
Site area: 232,813 sq. ft.
Building area: 854,751 sq. ft.

The Henderson Haizhu Plaza is located next to the Haizhu Historical Park. The undulating exterior building is inspired by the rolling mountains of southern China, while the interior retail spaces reflect the canyon landscape, with its winding horizontal circulation and stacked vertical courtyards. The floor plan configuration is fluid, allowing one space to blend into another to create an inviting and playful atmosphere.

11. MixC One Linyi City Crossing

Client: China Resources
Location: Linyi, China
Program: Retail, Office, Entertainment, Residential
Site area: 7,373,279 sq. ft.

Building area: 30,138,900 sq. ft.

The Linyi City Crossing is envisioned as a planned mixed-use community space with an identity that reflects the character of the city, Linyi. Looped spaces and interlocking pathways create a unifying spatial pattern that connects the towers, terraces and the inner mall of the project. Above a five-storey indoor mall, two towers provide space for work units and offices. The entire project is surrounded by a lush greenbelt that will extend to 14 shorter residential towers, smaller retail outlets and a large civic center in the adjacent block.

12. Sanya Bay Mangrove Tree Resort

Client: Antaeus Group Co.
Location: Hainan Island, China
Program: Hotel, office, retail, restaurants, conference center, entertainment
Site area: 2,830,908 sq. ft.
Building area: 5,289,386 sq. ft.

The Sanya Bay Mangrove Tree Resort is the largest hospitality project in southern China and combines two luxury hotels, a convention hotel, three family resort condo towers with 350 rooms each, a business tower with 32,000 sq. m. of office space and a conference center. Pavilions with large canopies and shaded arcades open onto the palm trees and the tropical setting of the island. The complex includes restaurants, bars and entertainment venues that line the promenade, while a water park, multi-screen cinema and amphitheater make up Sanya Resort’s entertainment facilities.

13. Riviera Shopping Mall

Client: Essence Development
Location: Moscow, Russia
Program: Retail, Restaurants, Hypermarket, Entertainment
Site area: 914,932 sq. ft.
Building area: 2,778,757 sq. ft.

It is a new commercial and leisure project strategically located 42 km south of the Kremlin, in one of the most populated areas of Moscow. The site has excellent visibility from the Simferopolskoe highway and is easily accessible by public transport. The center combines the world of fashion and beauty, leisure, restaurants and scheduled services on one floor with children’s shops and entertainment on the second. This commercial development is designed to become a destination point for the surrounding region.

14. Optimum Adana

Client: Renaissance Development
Location: Adana, Turkey
Program: Hotel, Office, Retail, Restaurants, Conference Facilities, Entertainment
Site area: 355,209 sq. ft.
Building area: 877,259 sq. ft.

Optimum Adana is a mixed-use family project located near Sabanci Merkez Camii. It functions primarily as a shopping mall, with recreational elements that include retail, entertainment, and food and beverage. A cinema, indoor skating rink, bowling alley, children’s entertainment area and the first laser marking facility in the area, make up the rest of the project’s programming.

15. Optimum Izmir

Client: Renaissance Development
Location: Izmir, Turkey
Program: Retail, Restaurants, Entertainment
Building area: 88,000 sq. m.

Optimum Izmir is the fourth Optimum brand shopping center in Turkey. It opened in November 2008 in the country’s third-largest city. It includes large-format hypermarkets, DIY stores and an electronic marketplace. These are accompanied by more than 20 fast food and restaurant units and various leisure facilities, including a 10-screen cinema, ice rink, bowling alley, 5D cinema and a children’s entertainment center. Convenient parking is provided underneath the center, offering direct access to the project’s main commercial passages and courthouses.


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