SERIE Architects is an international practice set up by a group of creative and conceptually distinctive individuals who span over two main offices in London and Mumbai. With quite many awards under their bag, SERIE Architects strives to push its boundaries within the geometrical realm of understanding complex structures and simplification of design into intrinsic design advents. Many of their projects remain to be competition entries that have caught the limelight and quite a few are a result of a pure conceptual paradigm. The built projects have an elaborate sense of understanding where the merge of structure and the materials are especially complementary to it.

1. Jameel Arts Centre

Location: Dubai
Use: Arts Center
Status: Completed 2018

A complex oscillation between courtyards, colonnades and the true sense of artistic shenanigans.

2. School of Design and Environment

Location: Singapore
Use: Education
Status: Completed 2019

A dialogue between architecture and its relevance with the environment and the need of efficiency of resources.

3. One Pearl Bank

Location: Singapore
Use: Residential
Status: Under Construction

The vision of having vertical communities engaging in a discourse of privacy, environment, and architecture.

4. Royal College of Arts, Battersea Campus

Location: London
Use: Education
Status: Competition entry, 2nd place 2016

A coherent compilation of the idea of tables, shelves, and ladders becoming the metaphorical spatial entity of the proposal. Designed by SERIE Architects, Royal College of Arts, Battersea Campus aims to segregate functions through multilevel plinths acting as a fluidic circulatory element.

5. Sun Tower

Location: Ho Chi Minh City
Use: Office and retail
Status: Under Construction

Using the idea of offsets and moved floor plates, this tower creates offbeat spaces for informal meets and greets. The floor plates are disoriented to create outdoorsy spaces, prominently terraces and seating areas.

6. BMW Olympic Park

Location: London
Use: Pavilion
Status: Completed 2012

Designed from the influence of a typical Victorian Bandstand, this pavilion has a set of smaller pavilions with a broken and undulating roof structure. The outer façade is a continuous waterfall throughout, while the smaller pavilions are emphasized on the roofs.

7. The Tote

Location: Mumbai
Use: Banqueting Hall, Restaurant and Bar
Status:  Completed 2011

Derived from the trees present on the site, this project designed by SERIE Architects is a beautiful reflection of structure imitating that of nature, while integration human experience and flexibility od spaces.

8. Wuxi Civic Centre

Location: China
Use: Mixed-use
Status: Competition entry and Winner

A strong axis demarcated by two towers and enormous plaza space. The government activities are restricted to the towers while the expressive ones open to the plaza.

9. Yan ZhenQing Museum

Location: Linyi, Shandong Province, China
Use: Museum
Status: Concept design

An interesting conceptual expression that showcases the minimal requirements of a threshold, a landscape, and a structure to create assimilation of poetic spaces defining the purpose.

10. Hangzhou Xin Tian Di Factory

Location: Hangzhou, China
Use: Adaptive reuse of factory into the office and retail spaces
Status: Concept Design

SERIE Architects converted an old factory into an urban center by the creation of layers of spaces with the usage of a framing undulating plinth. The factory’s traditional roof structure is restored.

11. Singapore State Courts

Location: Singapore
Use: State Court Complex
Status: To be completed 2019

A set of towers, one containing the courtrooms and other containing judges’ chambers while multiple connections through sky bridges. The courtroom tower lacks a façade, thus making use of open terraces as informal spaces.

12. Oasis Terraces

Location: Singapore
Use: Mixed-use
Status: Completed 2018

A series of gardens frame buildings, courtyards, communal spaces and furthermore. Banked by a waterfront, the emphasis lies on the pragmatic necessity of vegetation and landscaping into a design advent.

13. Aarvli Resort

Location: Goa, India
Use: Resort
Status: Completion of 2019

A reflection of the tradition Maharashtrian Forts that depict the Aravalli hill’s contours, this structure designed by SERIE Architects is a beautiful symphony of curvilinear spaces emulating context curves and demarcations.

14. Sienna House

Location: London
Use: Housing, Residential
Status: Completion of 2018

A simple exercise of extending the balconies into unprecedented extrusions, optimizing privacy and extensive views of the river Thames.

15. Monsoon Club

Location: Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts, Washington D.C.
Use: Multipurpose Hall Acoustic Installation
Status: Completed 2011

An interesting reflection of a ‘Shamiana’ that is remembered as an undulating set of textile threads forming a pixelated pattern and grid.


A dreamy architect in the making, Ankeeta enjoys observing the world as it is. Her interests vary from Murakami to the latest Ellie Saab. And somewhere, within that bandwidth, lies architecture and its extremities. She loves to ponder upon the intricacies of the built-unbuilt and the stories behind every aspect of it.

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