Led by the legendary architect Le Corbusier, the modern movement in India allowed the young architects to showcase the world of its capabilities. Diving into this realm we were able to fish out some of the most promising architecture firms practicing modern architecture.

Indian architecture, born out of historical and cultural influences, has all the gaze of the world as it progresses, brick by brick to find the best means to modernize. Indian architecture has to navigate this era of rapid urbanization through countless challenges like traditional values, climate, population, space constraints, etc. The new India, consciously drifting from the western influences after the post-independence has conjured up a new identity, grabbing eyeballs all around the world. Led by the legendary architect Le Corbusier, the modern movement in India allowed the young architects to showcase the world of its capabilities. 

Diving into this realm we were able to fish out some of the most promising architecture firms practicing modern architecture.

1. SPASM Design Architects | Modern Architecture

 SPASM actively partook in both culturally atypical east Africa and India very early on in its career. Their philosophy is to“search for a fresh and pragmatic solution every time by examining each situation within its own specificity and peculiarity and cultural definitions.” The Studio was instituted in 1995 by principals Sanjeev Panjabi (1969) and Sangeeta Merchant (1967). 

Modern Architecture -SPASM Design Architects - Sheet1
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2. Abin Design Studio

ADS was founded in October 2005 by Abin Chaudhuri, an architecture graduate from Jadavpur University (J.U.) who later collaborated with his classmate Milan. Jui Mallick and became his partner. ADS gyrates among the few young enthusiastic design studios that target fashion a universal dialect of “responsible architecture” to create ‘biophilic spaces’ that respond to the changing socio-cultural, economic, and environmental traits. They have garnered numerous accolades and have had articles published about them in several renowned magazines over a brisk span of five years.

Abin Design Studio - Sheet1
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Modern Architecture -Abin Design Studio - Sheet2
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3. Indigo architects

Indigo Architects is a prized architectural and consulting firm providing comprehensive and fully integrated services to its clients. Indigo traces its roots to a small township, where it originated its work with a handful of youngsters. Founded in 1994 by Riyas Mohammed, Indigo has transformed over 18 years into an internationally known architectural firm.

Indigo architects - Sheet1
Indigo architects - Sheet2
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Modern Architecture -Indigo architects - Sheet3

4. MayaPRAXIS | Modern Architecture

mayaPRAXIS is a design studio that watches architecture and its landscape. According to their site, “their work runs along a path of diverse scales, types and settings – architecture, urban design, interior, furniture, exhibition, and art”. Design is inventive and ingenious at mayaPRAXIS. They believe in unraveling the spirit of the project – something that is often veiled behind the ‘functional’ requirements and project economics.

MayaPRAXIS - Sheet1
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MayaPRAXIS - Sheet2
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Hundredhands is a multidisciplinary design studio directed by Sunitha Kondur and Bijoy Ramachandran. They showcase a diverse perception of the urban. In their projects, often represented in patiently executed analytical drawings, the architects have forwarded their attention on the urban context by revisiting the issues of scale, character, spatial and visual impact, and reconstructing the public domain, all of which is so imperative to the tempestuous urbanism of Indian cities.

(source- ©archdaily)
(source- ©archdaily)
(source- ©archdaily)

6. Modo designs

“Modo Designs” primarily centers around corporate, residential, and institutional projects. Architectural designs are tackled as progressive and apt. Designs are developed as receptive, which is characteristic of the purpose, place, and people. The firm’s vision is “to develop a wise, imaginative and innovative architecture in India with a stress on construction finesse” Their motto “Do less, do fine”.

Modo designs - Sheet1
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7. The Purple Ink Studio

The purple ink studio is multiple award-winning practices in Bengaluru, which was started in 2011 with the philosophies of two individuals who strongly had confidence in their respective design concepts and had cultivated this vibe over the past couple of years. The Studio won the most coveted ‘Best Practice in India of 2016’ award from TRENDS EXCELLENCE AWARDS for Architecture & Design and has also been listed in the PERSPECTIVE 40under40 ASIA.

Modern Architecture -The Purple Ink Studio - Sheet1
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The Purple Ink Studio - Sheet2
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The Purple Ink Studio - Sheet3
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8. Sanjay Puri Architects | Modern Architecture

Sanjay Puri Architects is a firm instituted in Bombay firm. The celebrated Indian practice emphasizes on developing design solutions that are contextual and creating spaces that transfigure the way they have experienced form the crux of the practice’s design philosophy. With a diverse portfolio of townships, schools, hotels, retail, and office buildings, they continue their expedition pursuit for creating ground-breaking design solutions that are sustainable on a large scale.

Modern Architecture -Sanjay Puri Architects - Sheet1
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Sanjay Puri Architects - Sheet2
Sanjay Puri Architects - Sheet3
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Modern Architecture -Sanjay Puri Architects - Sheet4
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9. d6thD design studio

For the last five years, this Ahmedabad based d6thD design studio endorses the use of locally sourced materials, conventional building techniques, culturally and climatically significant building design. Retrospective of his work in various regions of Gujarat reflects his perseverance to design with the evident principle of vernacular architecture.

d6thD design studio - Sheet1
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d6thD design studio - Sheet2
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10. Morphogenesis

Morphogenesis, an award-winning architecture firm, now has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The firm reinterprets indigenous architectural roots and constantly engages passive design. With projects in 8 countries, 110+ International and National Awards, and 850+ publications globally, it is the lone Indian Firm to be bestowed the Singapore Institute of Architects Getz Award. 

modern architecture -Morphogenesis - Sheet1
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Morphogenesis - Sheet2
Morphogenesis - Sheet3
Morphogenesis - Sheet4

11. Vir.Mueller Architects

Originated in 2003 by partners Christine Mueller and Pankaj Vir Gupta, the office of Vir.mueller architects merges architectural research, education, and practice. Before launching the firm, both partners worked for renowned architectural offices in the United States, Europe, and India. Vir.mueller architects attempt to fashion eternal aesthetic relationships, inducing the essence of contemporary culture, ecology, and technology.

modern architecture -Vir.Mueller Architects - Sheet1
Vir.Mueller Architects - Sheet2
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Vir.Mueller Architects - Sheet3
Vir.Mueller Architects - Sheet3

12. Khosla Associates

Khosla Associates is a firm based in Bangalore India dedicated to prominent Architecture and Interior Design. The firm headed by Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand “generates a versatile body of work oscillating from architecture and interiors of residences and corporate offices to retail and hospitality spaces” (source-Khosla Associates.com). They won The ‘Education’ Category award at the WAF/INSIDE Festival 2013 in Singapore, the prestigious WAN ‘House of the Year 2017′ in London.

Khosla Associates - Sheet1
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Khosla Associates - Sheet2
Khosla Associates - Sheet3

13. Anagram Architects

Anagram Architects is a design consultancy firm established in 2001 in New Delhi. They are considered a young vibrant firm jam-packed with great ideas. Over the past seven years, they offered design consultancy and allied services on a series of Architectural and Interior Design projects incorporating offices, factories, residences, and housing units. Their varied portfolio reflects their passion for participating in different fields and scales of design.

modern architecture -Anagram Architects - Sheet1

Anagram Architects - Sheet2
source ©anagramarchitects.com)
source ©anagramarchitects.com)

14. Architecture Paradigm | Modern Architecture

It was established by Manoj Ladhad, Sandeep J, and Vimal Jain credit the most significant asset is the quality of its people and belief in values. All the members are young whose instinct for design is strengthened by real-world experience where they have been bared to designing and management of various projects. 

modern architecture -Architecture Paradigm - Sheet1
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Architecture Paradigm - Sheet2
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Architecture Paradigm - Sheet3
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15. Sameep Padora & Associates

Sameep Padora & Associates is a Mumbai-based architecture studio directed by founding Principal Sameep Padora. The team works within the grounds of architecture, interiors and urban planning, and this year, their ‘lattice house’ project was acknowledged in the “wallpaper design awards” for best new private houses. By placing a significant emphasis on the formal tradition of various existing typologies, the studio conceives every project as an individual brief executed by a multidisciplinary team.

Sameep Padora & Associates - Sheet1
Sameep Padora & Associates - Sheet2
Sameep Padora & Associates - Sheet3

The modern movement in India is undergoing tidal transformations. It’s fascinating to get a front-row seat to the whole scenario and watching it flourish into a thing of beauty.



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