Natural light, ventilation, and a pull-out to essay the perks of the space with a touch of scale sense and zones form the climax of the workspace for Studio PKA, designated as the Loft. Drawing complementary brains to deluge a far-reaching design spectrum from corporate to residential, with corporate interiors as it’s vital, into splashes of potent space planning and classified clusters conceded this 1993 endowed firm, in Fort, Mumbai, to spark up in interior and architecture. 

This trust of the honest reflection of the client’s perception builds on strong footholds of integrity, honesty, commitment, dedication, and sincerity. Global design, coupled with the art comforted by the warmth of Indian sensibilities, relies heavily on the needs of the client to generate an apt design solution, enduring in its nature and character.

1. Tianu – The Revival Project

Area: 371 sq.m
Year: 2018

As areas outflow with pronounced transitions in textures of exposed bricks and wood and metal tones, debiting the debut of new materials, the windows open up to brace the insides with fresh air. This double heightened furniture retail outlet nestling on the ground floor of a Victorian-era structure creates accessories apt for furniture designers while versing the heritage of Mumbai.

Tianu - The Revival Project - Sheet1
Tianu – The revival Project ©Niveditaa Gupta
Tianu - The Revival Project - Sheet2
Tianu – The revival Project ©Niveditaa Gupta
Tianu - The Revival Project - Sheet3
Fusing architecture and product with simplicity and transparency. ©Niveditaa Gupta

2. Project Awas

Area: 10,000 sq.m

Pedalling between the social, visual, and physical connections amid the disunited site sections obtained by the natural stream, the 6 – acre slender land devises abode to an art curator and his art village. Cycling through season adaptations and mustering dialogue through the rambling individual dwellings, this project proves to be a mile-post for all eager-beaver artists.

Project Awas - Sheet1
The Project Awas ©
Project Awas - Sheet2
The Project Awas ©
Project Awas - Sheet3
The Project Awas ©

3. The 5-Element House

Area: 10,000 sq.ft
Built: 2017

Clambering up a steep slope, the site, reminiscent and welcoming, is a proud boat where the five elements viz. earth, sky, water, with fire in between, unite, enough to gratify one’s senses. This design for a weekend retreat for a family of four in Pavana, embraced by the Sahyadris, breathes on the landscape, minimum footprint, and diverse vantage points.

The 5-Element House - Sheet1
The retreat overlooking the glistening lake in the distance. ©
The 5-Element House - Sheet2
The 5-element house ©
The 5-Element House - Sheet3
The 5-element house ©

4. Mountania

Area: 10,000 sq.ft
Built: 2015

Set up with white stucco wall texture against stark blue windows, revealing its Spanish character, meditative of European villas, the give-and-take of enclosed spaces depicts serenity through classical elements. The cast iron rustic character contemplates terracotta roof tiles and sandstone flooring to sip down a drink of the local flavor, in this villa, escalated over two floors.                   

Mountania - Sheet1
The land development around the villa ©
Mountania - Sheet2
Terracotta flooring in the common areas ©
Mountania - Sheet3
The wooden flooring in the private areas ©

5. The Mango House

Area: 6,000 sq.ft
Built: 2015

Veiling behind trees, away from the city’s hustle and bustle in the coastal town of Alibaug, the form, piloted by unharmed mango trees, allows the house to embrace the earth, with tones of exposed brick and concrete. Photographing prudent desires with aesthetic appeal, the dynamism and visual connections offered, render a space to be welcoming.

The Mango House - Sheet1
The house camouflaged between the mango trees ©
The Mango House - Sheet2
The Mango House ©
The Mango House - Sheet3
The soft scape land development of the house. ©

6. The Wood House

Area: 2500 sq.ft
Built: 2009

Hiding amidst a pompous neighborhood in Bandra with the lower level boasting as a cozy living zone, and the upper being a client crafted space, privacy and comfort discharge among the wood-clad ceilings and Jaisalmer stone flooring, to allow a simplistic, but personalized design approach.

The Wood House - Sheet1
The wood house ©
The Wood House - Sheet2
The wood house ©
The Wood House - Sheet3
The wood house ©

7. 14 Pali Village

Area: 2400 sq.ft
Built: 2008

Stationed amidst the peculiar bounds of the Pali Gaothan, the office of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures, advertised by its semi-open spaces, rustic furniture of the affectionate cafeteria complete the essentials of a modern production studio against a classical backdrop. The height of the space herein is marked by the volume tallying suspended staircase that snakes up the spine.

14 Pali Village - Sheet1
14 Pali Village ©
14 Pali Village - Sheet2
14 Pali Village ©
14 Pali Village - Sheet3
The modern production set against the rural backdrop of Pali village. ©

8. Interior: The Third Montage

Area: 2000 sq.ft
Built: 2017

The transition of a 2-bhk apartment to a 3-bhk for accommodating the future generations requires an interior design that recalled the psyche of each family member’s story while staying close-knit and having multifunctional spaces, discriminated by sliding folding doors.

Interior: The Third Montage - Sheet1
The third montage ©
Interior: The Third Montage - Sheet2
The third montage ©
Interior: The Third Montage - Sheet3
The third montage ©

9. Interior: The Terraced House

Area: 7500 sq.ft
Built: 2014

Dwelling dynamic family spaces at the lowest and a custom Rajasthani style crafted workspace on the upper floor, the design showcases contemporary and humanistic elements amalgamated while housing a charisma, intriguing through its fabric and semblance.

Interior: The Terraced House - Sheet1
The vibrant family spaces  ©
Interior: The Terraced House - Sheet2
The personalized “ Den” ©
Interior: The Terraced House - Sheet3
The space for informal gatherings. ©

10. Interior: The Tranquil House

Area: 2000 sq.ft
Built: 2008

Tranquilizing pluralistic theories on art and aesthetics to unite the two zones of the house in the form of an old downplay is what confronts the designer to pour in potions from the golden age aura.

Interior: The Tranquil House - Sheet1
The Tranquil house. ©
Interior: The Tranquil House - Sheet2
The passage lined the library leading to the kitchen.©
Interior: The Tranquil House - Sheet3
The wooden flooring as the binding material across the house. ©

11. Interior: Dow Jones

Area: 5700 sq.ft
Built: 2016

Office to an American publishing and financial news channel, hallowed with panoramic views of the city, escorted with the sea link at the horizon, an elementary but direct and heart-warming design, was the requirement of the project. Eye-catching berg blue backdrops, which also happen to be the brand’s color, contrast the white and grey tables on the wooden flooring for vibrancy.

Interior: Dow Jones - Sheet1
The Dow Jones ©
Interior: Dow Jones - Sheet2
The Dow Jones ©
Interior: Dow Jones - Sheet3
The Dow Jones. ©

12. Interior: CA – CIB

Area: 21,000 sq.ft
Built: 2001

Devised for a French investment banking giant’s brief, with an elementary, but provocative brief was transfigured, without giving up on comfort, by blending contemporary materials with the state art that revolves with time.

Interior: CA - CIB - Sheet1
CA – CIB ©
Interior: CA - CIB - Sheet2
CA – CIB ©
Interior: CA - CIB - Sheet3
CA – CIB ©

13. Platinum Partners

Area: 11,000 sq.ft
Built: 2014

Being among India’s 15 law firms, organized, but palatial office spaces equipped with present-day technology to bless an indulgent medium with universal appeal, steady with international exposure was designed in Mumbai to provide an emblematic workspace for the client.

Platinum Partners - Sheet1
Platinum Partners ©
Platinum Partners - Sheet2
Platinum Partners ©
Platinum Partners - Sheet3
Platinum Partners ©

14. Borosil Glass Works

Area: 10,000 sq.ft
Built: 2012

Clean and straight fabricated lines compete with monochrome finished walls and flooring, setting up for a screened vintage modern character, with an effort to reveal the brand’s bequest. This elementary behavior of present-day design flags the pattern for future ventures.

Borosil Glass Works - Sheet1
Borosil Glass works ©
Borosil Glass Works - Sheet2
Borosil Glass works ©
Borosil Glass Works - Sheet3
Borosil Glass works ©

15. The Canvas

Area: 2,500 sq.ft
Built: 2019

Assembling art and architecture with managing walls to create canvases for masterpieces adorned, the transition, fusing the sun with the stars, the hideaway for art, stimulates the context functionally. The large fenestrations offer a lending hand for the outside world as the open areas camouflage with the deck, with zones separated by sliding partitions.

The Canvas - Sheet1
The canvas ©
The Canvas - Sheet2
The canvas ©
The Canvas - Sheet3
The canvas ©

An architecture student by profession, a curious empath by choice, Ruchika’s perceptive hearing has always unfolded the esoteric and stupendous tales of folklore and tradition in architecture. With a piercing interest in art, history and architecture, she holds strong to her poetic conclusions whilst analyzing human perception of the same.

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