Bringing the Outside In: How Our Studio Feels Alive with Nature (As per discussion with Ar.Deepak Gupta.)

Forget stuffy offices cut off from the world outside.

Inside the studios of D+R Design Studio-Sheet1
D+R Design Studio _© Deepak Gupta

In our studio, we believe the best views aren’t just on our computers; they’re right outside our windows. That’s why we’ve designed everything to blur the lines between the buzzing city and our peaceful workspace.

Sunlight streams through strategically placed windows and skylights, filling every corner with a natural glow. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling the connection to the changing seasons, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the gentle breeze rustling the leaves. This isn’t just an office; it’s an experience.

Nature’s Craft

We’ve carefully crafted every element to work with the natural light, not against it. Imagine cosy corners bathed in sunlight, perfect for catching a quick break or brainstorming with colleagues. Open spaces come alive with dappled light, making even the most mundane tasks feel exciting.

So step into our world, where courtyards breathe life and sunlight whispers stories. Here, the lines between nature and architecture blur, creating a space that nourishes the soul and sparks the imagination. It’s not just a studio; it’s a living poem, whispered in stone and sunbeams.

It’s more than just a pretty view. 

This connection to nature has a real impact on how we work and feel. Studies say natural light boosts our mood, makes us more focused, and even helps us sleep better at night. In our studio, it’s not just a perk; it’s a fundamental part of the experience. Workspace as an outdoor Extension. So, come on in and step into a workspace that feels more like an extension of the outdoors. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun’s warmth, and let nature inspire you to think outside the box. Here, the walls don’t hold us back; they open us up to a world of possibilities.

Beyond aesthetics, we harness the transformative power of natural light. 

It becomes an integral part of our design vocabulary, sculpting spaces that not only please the eye but also nurture the well-being and productivity of every inhabitant. Our designs are more than just walls and windows. They’re living symphonies where the outdoors flows in and sunlight dances across functional spaces, nurturing the well-being and productivity of those who call them home.

Sun-Kissed Living Room, Not Sterile Cubicles:

Forget fluorescent lights and bland walls. Imagine stepping into a workspace bathed in natural light, where a double-height living room nestled within a lush courtyard blurs the lines between working and living. Sunlight shines through strategically placed skylights, illuminating the room and casting shimmering reflections on the intricately patterned jalis inspired by Kerala architecture. These jalis breathe, whispering secrets of privacy while filtering in cool breezes and dappled sunlight. The bay window of the guest room is a wonderful spot to relax and take in the view of the surrounding, forested setting after a hard day. 

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Inner Court or Double Height Living _©Deepak Gupta

Whispers of the Earth Underfoot:

Sustainability isn’t just a word at D+R; it’s built into the very foundation. Walls crafted from stabilised mud blocks (SMB)—60% soil, 30% sand, and 5% of cement—tell tales of summer coolness and winter warmth. Locally sourced within 1 KM radius of West Village, these earthy heroes act as silent thermal regulators, eliminating the need for energy-guzzling air conditioning.

Two Courtyards: Nature’s Lungs

Two Courtyards, Whispering Secrets: Where Life and Nature Dance

Imagine two hidden gardens nestled within the walls of our studio. One basks in the southern sun, a vibrant haven for celebrating the studio’s triumphs. The other, tucked away on the north side, offers a double-height space, bathed in light, where conversations flow and ideas take flight. This is our double-height living room, where work and life seamlessly dance to the rhythm of nature.

Nature’s Lungs 

Two courtyards breathe life into the studio. The inner courtyard, a sun-drenched haven, doubles as a living room, a meeting space, and even a client haven. Skylights not only illuminate but also exhale hot air through their pores, keeping the space cool even during the day. This courtyard is the studio’s light source too. On the south side, the outer courtyard transforms into a vibrant party space during the balmy Bangalore evenings. Its cleverly designed overhang, like a giant sun umbrella, keeps scorching summers at bay while welcoming winter sunshine to warm the space. A balcony protects the upper-floor studio from the glare and heat of the southern sun. The principal architects’ chamber has a private balcony that provides natural light and air while offering a view of the surrounding forest.

Inside the studios of D+R Design Studio-Sheet3
Inner Court _©Deepak Gupta
Inside the studios of D+R Design Studio-Sheet4
Outer Courtyard During Summer Solstice _©Deepak Gupta

Planning (As per discussion with Ar.Deepak Gupta)

Downstairs, life hums with activity. A cosy living room invites warmth and laughter, while a dining room beckons with shared meals and stories. A well-equipped kitchen fuels creativity, and two bedrooms offer quiet moments of rest, one for the family and one for guests.

But upstairs, the sun whispers secrets of light and space. The eastern block unfolds like a curtain, greeting the dawn with open arms. Golden rays dance across the two-level haven of the southwestern bedroom, a symphony of nature’s touch on the architect’s canvas. This is where light and design waltz together, a testament to the Guptas’ artistry and deep love for the sun’s gentle caress.

Sunbeams and Secrets: Where Nature Plays with Light

Picture this: 

Sunlight peeks through intricate patterns carved into screens, casting dancing shadows on the walls. These aren’t just decorations; they’re whispers of privacy and cool breezes—nature’s way of saying hello. We call them jalis, inspired by the ancient wisdom of Indian architecture.

But it’s not just Jalis. High windows in the kitchen let in a soft glow, like sunshine wearing a silk scarf, giving you privacy while bathing the space in warmth. Even the workshop and guest room have these secret openings, letting the sun paint playful stripes on the walls. We mix glass with clay blocks, letting light in but keeping the glare out, like nature’s sunglasses.

Marriage of Comfort and Beauty

It’s not just about beauty; it’s about sunbeams dancing a waltz with your comfort. We’ve designed the building to hug the sun’s path, not fight it. This means more morning light in the bedroom, afternoon warmth in the living room, and a sunset serenade for anyone lucky enough to be around. We care about how the sun touches your life, not just how it lights your way. Sunlight in our hands isn’t just a tool; it’s magic. It transforms rooms into canvases of well-being, filling them with a golden glow that nourishes your spirit and sparks your creativity. Our designs aren’t just functional; they’re havens where nature whispers secrets of light and comfort.

Inside the studios of D+R Design Studio-Sheet5
Bay Window of the Guest Bedroom _© Deepak Gupta
Inside the studios of D+R Design Studio-Sheet6
Jalis or Perforated Screens for Privacy _©Deepak Gupta
Inside the studios of D+R Design Studio-Sheet7
Clerestory Windows _©Deepak Gupta

Mud Marvel: Built with Nature’s Strength

Earth’s Whispers

Forget steel and concrete jungles; at our studio, we build with the earth’s whispers. Picture this: just three sturdy columns and walls made not of bricks but of compressed soil. You heard that right—mud! We call them stabilised mud blocks (SMBs), and they’re the backbone of our building, strong enough to hold everything up yet gentle on the environment.

Networking of Load Bearing Walls and Three Columns 

Imagine a giant Lego set where nature’s own building blocks come together to create a space that breathes and whispers stories of the earth. And it’s not just cool on the outside; it’s clever too. A simple network of beams connects those three pillars, like nature’s invisible threads, keeping everything standing tall and proud.

Upturned Beam Skylights

We’re big on natural light, and that’s where our upturned beam skylights come in. They’re like tiny sunroofs, tilted to catch every ray of sunshine and bathe the rooms in a warm glow, without a single shadow in sight. And don’t worry about any leaky surprises; we’ve got that covered with a special shield, keeping the water out and the good vibes flowing.

This isn’t just a building; it’s a conversation with nature, a testament to the strength and beauty of the earth’s own materials. It’s a reminder that sometimes the simplest things, like mud and sunshine, can create something truly extraordinary.

Beyond Materials: Sustainability Woven In:

Sustainability extends beyond just the materials. Courtyards act as natural ventilation shafts, reducing the need for air conditioning. Rainwater harvesting minimises dependence on city water, while locally sourced materials like the West Village soil used in the SMBs reduce transportation emissions.

Harmony in Every Detail:

From sunbeams dancing through leaves to mud whispering stories of the earth, every design element at D+R speaks of respect for nature. It’s a living tapestry woven with nature’s threads, a beacon of inspiration proving that beautiful, sustainable design isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality waiting to be experienced.

At the heart of our designs lies a commitment to human connection. 

We blur the lines between inside and outside, inviting nature to embrace those who dwell within. Natural light, a silent conductor, orchestrates a symphony of well-being and functionality, ensuring every space serves its purpose with grace.

We weave nature and architecture into one, seamlessly blending the outside world with the interior sanctuaries we create. Natural light, a powerful sculptor, becomes our brush, shaping spaces that inspire both the eye and the soul.

We design for the people who will breathe life into our creations. 

Their well-being and comfort are paramount, guiding us to intertwine the external and internal worlds through the transformative power of natural light. The result? Spaces that not only captivate the eye but also nurture the human spirit.

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