Architecture Journalism is a specialised journalism that delves into the world of buildings and the built environment. Architecture journalists provide insights into the creative process behind building design, uncover innovative ideas and approaches, and explore the social, cultural, and environmental implications of architectural developments. It provides a niche and a voice to architects who want to shed light on the significance of well-designed spaces, sustainable practices, and the impact of architecture on individuals, communities, and the broader society.

Ada Louise Huxtable

Huxtable was an influential architecture critic and the first full-time architecture critic at The New York Times. She was known for her insightful and groundbreaking architecture and urban planning articles. She was known for her significant contributions to architectural discourse in the United States. Her insightful and incisive writing style and her deep knowledge and understanding of architecture made her a respected voice in the field. Her criticism was known for its sharpness and willingness to challenge established norms and practices in architecture and urban planning. 

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Ada Louise Huxtable _©Bernard Gotfryd/Getty Images /The New York Times

Paul Goldberger

Paul Goldberger began his career as an architecture critic for The New York Times and is widely regarded as one of the most prominent voices in architectural criticism in the United States. After winning the Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism in 1984 under his tenure, he became the architecture critic for The New Yorker magazine. Leading his way to becoming an author, his books, including “The Skyscraper,” “Up from Zero: Politics, Architecture, and Rebuilding of New York,” showcase his expertise in architectural history, theory, and the social impact of buildings.  His writing style is known for its insightful analysis, clarity, and ability to shape architectural discourse and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the built environment.

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Paul Goldberger_ ©Archinect

Christopher Hawthorne

Christopher Hawthorne is an American architecture critic, journalist, and educator. He began his journey as a journalist at various newspapers, including the Dallas Observer and The New Republic. However, he gained significant recognition for his work at the Los Angeles Times and for his major contributions to numerous publications and platforms, including The New York Times, Architectural Record, and the Harvard Design Magazine.  Lauded with a Pulitzer Prize in 2006, he also served as a professor of architecture practice at Occidental College and as a Chief Design Officer for the City of Los Angeles.

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Christopher Hawthorne_©surfacemag

Blair Kamin

Blair Kamin has worked as the architecture critic for the Chicago Tribune since 1992. His work has earned him numerous accolades, including the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 1999. In addition to his work as a critic, Blair Kamin has taught at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University as a lecturer. His writing style is characterised by its accessibility, engaging storytelling, and ability to make complex architectural concepts understandable to a broad audience. 

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Blair Kamin_©Chicago Architecture Center

Amy Astley

Amy Astley served as the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue for over a decade before joining Architectural Digest in 2016. While at Teen Vogue, she transformed the magazine into a vibrant and influential publication, focusing on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle for young readers.

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Amy Astley_©

Marcus Fairs

Marcus Fairs is a British design journalist and entrepreneur. He co-founded Dezeen in 2006 and has since played a significant role in shaping the publication into one of the most influential platforms in the design industry. Before launching Dezeen, Marcus Fairs was the editor of Blueprint, a British architecture and design magazine. He has also written for several other design and architecture publications, including The Guardian, Financial Times, and Icon magazine. Also exploring innovative design concepts, emerging trends, and sustainable practices through books on design, including “Twenty-First Century Design” and “Green Design: Creative Sustainable Designs for the Twenty-First Century.” 

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Marcus Fairs_©

Catherine Slessor

Catherine Slessor is a notable architectural journalist, editor, and critic known for her insightful commentary and criticism in architectural journalism, particularly as the former editor of The Architectural Review (AR), one of the world’s most prestigious architectural magazines. Her work demonstrates a keen interest in International architecture and design. She has consistently sought to showcase projects and ideas from various cultural contexts, emphasising the importance of diverse voices and perspectives in the architectural discourse.

In collaboration with architectural practitioners and institutions on exhibitions and curated events, her expertise in the field has allowed her to curate thought-provoking shows that shed light on important architectural themes and movements.

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Catherine Slessor_©

Apurva Bose Dutta

Apurva Bose Dutta is an architect, writer, and editor-in-chief of Architecture + Design (A+D) magazine, an esteemed architecture and design publication in India. She has made significant contributions to the field of architectural journalism and has been actively involved in promoting and highlighting Indian and global architectural projects, urban design, and sustainability.

She has also written for various publications, including architectural journals, design magazines, and online platforms. Apart from her editorial work, Apurva Dutta has also been involved in architectural education and research and has served as a faculty member at several architecture schools to promote design discourse and architectural education in India.

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Apurva Bose Dutta_©

Joseph Giovannini

Joseph Giovannini is an American architect, critic, and journalist who has significantly contributed to architecture magazine writing and criticism. He has frequently contributed to The New York Times and Architecture magazine, where he has written extensively on architecture and design. His articles delve into the complexities of architecture, addressing both aesthetic and societal aspects. Through his writing in Los Angeles Times and Architectural Record, he offers perspectives on architectural design, urban development, and the role of architecture in shaping our built environment. His major contributions in Domus, Architectural Digest, and Metropolis encompass a wide range of architectural topics.

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Joseph Giovannini_©Photography by Tom Bonner/

Sarah Williams Goldhagen

Sarah Williams Goldhagen is an architectural critic, writer, and scholar known for her contributions to architecture criticism and analysis at The New Republic and The New York Times. While she has written extensively on architecture, her work has primarily appeared in academic and mainstream publications rather than specific architecture magazines. Sarah Williams is widely recognised for her book “Welcome to Your World,” published in 2017, which explores the connection between architecture and human perception, arguing that our built environment profoundly impacts our well-being and everyday experiences. She also wrote for Artforum, a leading contemporary art magazine, addressing the intersection of art, architecture, and urbanism.

Sarah Williams Goldhagen_©


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