Any piece of architecture, when observed with explicit detail, showcases an incredulous personality, one that is not only exclusive to the owner who commissioned the project but also to the designer who sculpted its form—varying from the colours of the walls to the types of furniture placed, from the lamps resting on a desk to the chandeliers glorifying the castle, from the murals drawn on the ceilings to its impeccable expressiveness, all of it is owed to the speck of an influence from its corresponding commissioner and the designer that moulded the barren volume of the space with an emotional context. 

Forth-mentioned are some of the most ingenious personas, incredibly known for their revolutionary contribution to the field of interior designing- 

1) Kelly Wearstler

10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet1
Kelly Wearstler interior project_©Kelly Wearstler

Being the founder and the principal of a ‘self-titled’ interior designing firm (KWID), Kelly Wearstler influenced the entirety of the designing industry with her remarkable works for the Viceroy Hotel chains. With a portfolio full of infamous clients such as Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, Stacey Snider, and many more, her current expansion plans over and across high-end residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces seem well justified.

2) Timothy Corrigan

10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet2
Timothy Corrigan_©Lee Manning Photography

With a world-leading interior designing firm (founded in 1997), Timothy Corrigan’s work is distinguished by its timeless nature, comfortably-elegant interiors, and the inclusion of antiques. Including offices in Paris and LA, his firm is known to have completed projects over multiple continents and be the proud owner of over a thousand awards. Corrigan’s publicity is not only a feature of prestigious publications such as The Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Architectural Digest but also for national and international television.

3) Kelly Hoppen

10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet3
Kelly Hoppen interior project_©Kelly Hoppen

With the likes of David and Victoria Beckham, Martin Shaw, and many others, Kelly Hoppen’s reach of commercial and residential projects has increased many folds. She is known to have designed homes, yachts, and private jets, only for the residential sector and hotels, restaurants, offices, and aircraft for commercial projects.

When asked about her design philosophy, Kelly Hoppen answered, “My philosophy has always remained the same. It’s about creating a calm, balanced environment based on Eastern cultures-” 

4) Phillipe Starck

10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet4
Phillipe Starck interior project_©Phillipe Starck

Starting with an industrial designing firm whilst working for Adidas, Phillipe refurbished Francois Mitterrand’s (then-French president’s) private apartment. With an utterly precise expansion over the following years, the firm now evolved to include architecture, decoration, large-scale furniture, office equipment, and domestic appliances on the other side, that now designed yachts and smartphones. He is known to use his concept of democratic design that focuses on the production of mass produced consumer goods rather than single piece product, helping to reduce the cost and improve the quality of massed market products.

5) Mark Cunningham

10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet5
Mark Cunningham interior project_©Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham is well known for his intricately layered interior compositions and his curricular approach to designing a space. 

With a firm established in 2005, Mark Cunningham Inc., he aims to focus on high-end commercial and residential projects. His recently published extension ‘MARKED’ is a furniture line including the finest of his custom-designed pieces and a collection of his vintage assembly. 

6) Peter Marino

10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet6
Peter Marino interior project_©Peter Marino
10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet7
Peter Marino interior project_©Manolo Yllera

Holding the responsibility for constructing a few of the most iconic fashion/interior projects, Peter Marino stands still. His incredible resume includes his experiences from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; George Nelson; and I.M. Pei and the projects. He is widely known as a collector who enjoys designing more than “architecture”. 

7) Jean-Louis Deniot

10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet8
Jean-Louis Deniot interior project_© Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot is a world-renowned French interior designer recognized for his eclectic design style. Characterized by a strong resemblance and a compelling atmosphere, his design style ranges from classical to contemporary. His creative process includes the extensive analysis of the client’s location and using it as an inspiration for designing multiple folds of varying materials and textures inflicted upon with muted tones of subtle colour palettes. 

8) Amy Lau

10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet9
Amy Lau interior project_©Amy Lau

After serving as an independent adviser to decorative art collectors, Amy Lau launched her interior design firm in 2001. She is known to the world through her features in publications such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, The New York Times, and many more. With the recent expansions of her firm to include retail designs with another fashion boutique, her career is destined for greatness.

9) Justina Blakeney

10 Top Interior Designers from around the world  - Sheet10
Justina Blakeney interior project_©Justina Blakeney

The founder of a design and lifestyle blog and eventually a home decor brand, Jungalow, Justina Blakeney, is infamous for her ‘bohemian aesthetics‘ and her earthen style of expressiveness. Her collection of a retail line inspired by nature is extensively sold at various retail outlets. 

“She believes that creativity, confidence, and joy are contagious.”

10) Billy Baldwin

Billy Baldwin interior project_©Billy Baldwin

Known infamously for decorating The White House and designing residential apartments for many celebrities, Billy Baldwin took off with his career as an interior designer and decorator (in the year 1952) with the set up of his firm. He was also known to have designed a line of furniture that was still being manufactured after his retirement and published well-written books and various biographies.


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