There are many options for providing light in the home, from integrated architectural solutions requiring contractors and tradespeople to decorative lamps that must be placed on a table and plugged into the nearest socket. Although some lighting fixtures are more commonly associated with a particular layer of lighting—ambient, task, or accent—most fixtures are versatile enough to be used in many ways. Here are some of the weirdest lighting fixtures out there.

1. IV Bag Lamps

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet1
IV Bag Lamps by Daniel Lorch._©
10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet2
IV Bag Lamps by Daniel Lorch._©

Berlin developer Daniel Lorch named this peculiar lighting institution’ X, Y, and.’ These lights are metal cylinders pinched together at one end that reminds one of sanitarium IV bags. The only difference is that these lights come in a different color, metallic green. The lampshades are attached to a bent stand by rotating joints.

(Yin, 2009)

2. Baby Head Lamp

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet3
Goth Baby Doll Head Lamp._©

This goth Baby Doll Head Lamp is inspired by Tim Burton stuff and Silent Hill. This completely posable 13- inch baby head lighting fixture is made from vinyl. The head of the doll is replaced with a lighting institution, the body has been painted flamingo pink, and the pen and fingernails are painted black.

(Weird Goth Baby Doll Head Lamp Inspired by Tim Burton stuff and Silent Hill | Halloween lamps, Doll head, Creepy baby dolls, 2022)

3. Gooseneck Lamp

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet4
Gooseneck lamp by Sebastian ErraZuriz._©

New York-based artist Sebastian ErraZuriz saved a damaged stuffed goose from a taxidermy gallery’s trash and turned it into a “gooseneck” lighting fixture. Saved from the trashcan of an old taxidermy gallery, the taxidermy goose with a broken neck got new life and was converted into an iconic classic lamp. It is a creepy yet funny and beautiful object that explores the borders between art and design’s sculptural and functional aspects. 

(Colgao, 2022)

4. Mr. P Shy Man Lamp

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet5
Mr. P Shy Man Lamp_©

The switch on the Mr. P Shy Man Beacon is relatively visible, and it is easy enough to turn it on. Once the switch is turned on, Mr. P’s head will light up. A small shade sits on his head so the light will not be too bright. This original, humorous beacon fascinating design is delightful to look at and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the house.

5. At Your Command Lamp

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet6
At Your Command Lamp by Daniel Han_©

These malleable, mortal-sized, gold-plated essence mannequins turned- lights are a reminder that everyday objects can break out of their mundane archetypes to take on new appearances. The portable mannequins come in two sizes and can be twisted and turned at every joint. The Singapore– based designer Daniel Han behind the line says that by conforming the angles to whatever is ideal at that moment, the beacon becomes a “restatement of man’s inner studies and solicitations.”

(Nielson, 2009)

6. Spine Lamp

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet7
Spine Lamp by Gerhard Swart and Anthony Harris_©https_//

On the one hand, the spine lamps look amazing; on the other, they are a bit crooked and not great to have in one’s bedroom to inspire agony-free dreams. South Africa-based artisans Gerhard Swart and Anthony Harris created this fascinating anatomical lighting fixture.

(Spine Lamps — STREET ANATOMY, 2015)

7. Insect-Inspired Lighting

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet8
The Caterplight light fixtures by Bacus Boo_©https_//

The Caterplight lighting fixtures inspired by caterpillars were created by Singapore-based designer Bacus Boo and are manufactured by Bomania DesignworX in both bottom and pendant models. The pendant interpretation, indeed more tropical with its wringing shape, looks like the insect has been caught in the act of spinning its cocoon.

8. Colgao Lamp

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet9
Colgao lamp by studio EnPieza._©

Design studio enPieza in Spain created this morbid lighting fixture. The colgao (“hung” in Spanish) is hanging from the top vertical rod of the beacon. The beacon looks veritably simple except for the hanging anthropomorphic figure. The use of morbidity and darkness in design adds fashionability to moment’s consumers, serving as a sign of the shift in humor.

9. Shadow Puppet Lamp Shaped Like Hands

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet10
The Bird in Hand lamp by J.P. Meulendijks_©
10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet11
The Bird in Hand lamp by J.P. Meulendijks_©

The “Bird in Hand” lamp by designer J.P. Meulendijks brings back recollections of shadow catcalls, bunnies, and all of the other creative manipulations we used to love making with nothing further than our hands and light. The hands are made from a material created by the artist himself. Ecolotek is a compostable material made of hemp filaments, minerals, and binder. All hands are arranged to look like a flock of birds, flying out in circles. The shadow on the wall looks like birds.

10. Hair Lamp 

10 Weirdest Lighting fixtures - Sheet12
Hair Lamp by Anika Engelbrecht_©

The hair lamp by designer Anika Engelbrecht of Kassel, Germany, called Frisa is so interesting because it is just like natural hair. It is customizable; it can be pleated, put in ponytails, curled, straightened, or played around with it whoever one wants to.

(Donofrio, 2015)


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