We wanted to give the residents a zen-like atmosphere, where the interaction and their gatherings were given importance.

Studio Name: Studio Nirvana
Design Team: Avinash Joshy, Joshy Jose, Steffy Thomas
Area: 3000 sft
Year: 2018
Location: Kakkanad, Kerala, India
Photography Credits: Shijo Thomas

Tropical home By Studio Nirvana - Sheet1
©Shijo Thomas

Here we have an inward-looking house with living spaces opening up to the morning rays of sunshine. We also wanted to interpret natural textures and colours into a present-day house, we tried our hands-on oxide finishes, cement and brick finishes, green stained wood surfaces.

Tropical home By Studio Nirvana - Sheet8
©Shijo Thomas
Tropical home By Studio Nirvana - Sheet10
©Shijo Thomas

The upper bedroom is an attempt to interact with nature in a different way. Every morning varies with changes in sunlight, weather, and you have birds resting on the sills of the upper window. Moonlit nights are a blissful experience.

Studio Nirvana

Studio Nirvana was founded in the monsoons of 2015 and has spent last years in research to build spaces bringing complete bliss to the minds occupying them. Given the context importance, each project is conceptualised based on the surroundings. Studio Nirvana believes in creating Zen-like spaces. We try to keep things simple and easy and help the occupants to have a relaxed time. We believe in bringing nature inside, creating relatable spaces. Our practice believes in creating a place of complete bliss, idyllic, peaceful, and tries to achieve a state of enlightenment, through our designs. We believe that every project is unique, singular, with unknown ends and we strive to travel through those paths to reach the destinations, each project is entitled to.


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