Patios: the adjoining in-between spaces to any residential, commercial or hospitality structure. They connect the exterior and the interior of any space and perform as thresholds towards a cumulative spatial experience. The design for patios, like any other spatial element; needs to be subjective and precise to its adjacent context, and thereby need to be designed with a sensitive approach. The designing of Patios has been attempted profoundly by architects and interior designers, and therefore the examples of such attempts are vast and diverse, showcasing different approaches towards designing spatial thresholds that can potentially amplify the architectural experience of a space. Adding styles and accents to your patio is also a good choice when renovation. Some furniture, fire pits and chairs for your patio can give the space a much better vibe than leaving it empty or design-free.

1. A Modern Seattle Courtyard

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Green Haven _©Coreen Schmidt Photography

Designed by Project Groundwork, a design practice based in the cities of Wenatchee and Seattle, the private patio is created to be a comfortable and cosy exterior seating space that provides artificial illumination via the usage of LED string lights. 

The space is also surrounded by a high privacy fence, aimed at creating a sense of seclusion and privacy under the shade of trees, to avoid the possibility of being seen by passersby.

2. Neve Tzedek Patio House

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A Space in the Centre _© Gidon Levin

Part of the overall design renovation by Meirav Galan Architects (MGA), Tel Aviv of a 19th-century house, the garden patio is designed to be the heart of the house, between the new wing and the old one. 

The design aims at providing extra natural light, functioning as an intimate private outdoor space in the middle of a highly dense urban fabric. The patio’s steel-framed window facades act in contrast with the street facades of the original house, emphasizing the new architectural design of the interior.

3. Courtyard Patio

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Patio Centre Stage _© Douglas Friedman /

This particular courtyard patio has its seating arranged around a fire pit. Located in Marin County, California, this courtyard patio is situated in a cottage designed by Nicole Hollis. The design is incorporated with fake grass for patio and attempts to balance between the hardscape and landscape, existing in their original colours of grey and green respectively.

4. A Sunny Poolhouse Patio

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Sunny Poolside Up _© Eric Piaseki /

This particular house by Carrier & Company in Naples, Florida; The Pool House is a space existing between the interior and exterior, highlighted by the white grills. The furniture provides the colourfulness to complement the white structure and seating, using shades of green and yellow to give a comfortable vibe.

5. Beachside Patio

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Beachview Patio _© Ricardo Labougle /

Late architect Mario Connio’s beachside patio design, the space is located at his one time vacation retreat, it is situated along the coast of Uruguay. Eucalyptus poles cover the shading space, while the sofas and beach chairs fill up the sitting area, and a table gives the apt. the choice for shaded gatherings, while other individuals take in the ocean view.

6. Rustic Outdoors

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Patio in a Frame _© Baird & Warner, a member of Luxury Portfolio International /

A design was done by the collaboration between Baird & Warner and Luxury Portfolio International, the patio comprises an open roof pergola, that permits the flow of cool breezes throughout summer. Whereas the presence of an outdoor fireplace offers the users warmth in the winter. The sofa and chairs are used to provide comfortable seating, thereby enhancing the overall experience of spending time on the patio.

7. Mexican Patio

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Ranch house patio _© William Waldron /

The Patio is situated in a Mexican ranch house. From the Jalisco region of Mexico, the table and chairs are of an equipal-style, and are draped with handmade Rebozo shawls. This helps in creating an intimate dining area with simplistic yet comfortable looking chairs. The space gives a rustic overall look to the experiential quality.

8. Patio Porch House

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Mediterranean Escape _© David Frutos /

The brainchild of Jaime Sepulcre Arquitecturas, the design is that of a Spanish house in Elche, Spain; built around its intimate open patio. Built out of concrete, the patio acts as the central axis of the house and is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows along with sliding doors. From the entrance hall itself, direct views of the outdoor patio blur the boundaries between inside and outside, creating as the studio describes it, an ‘interiorized exterior’.

9. Dining Patio 

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Extension of the Dining_© Ryan Garvin /

Created by Erica Bryen Design, the patio consists of a long banquette line, along its one edge, ensuring enough room for more people for the user’s outdoor dinner parties. The colour scheme uses a contrast between the black and white colour palette that goes along with the surrounding green cover existing on the site, thereby creating a comfortable additional dining space; that acts as the predominant program in the patio. 

10. Uruguayan Country Patio

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Lakeview Patio _© Ricardo Labougle /

One of four on the property, this particular back patio of an Uruguayan country home has a view of a lake. The iron chairs were imported from the south of France castle, while the table was made by Ghesquière. Most of the limited space is made by the hammock, creating the perfect place to nap as well as read while one enjoys the surrounding scenery.

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