11. Outdoor Space

Creating spill out spaces from the interior to the exterior can provide some much-needed access to fresh air and light. Outdoor decks can be provided as an extension of the tiny home, which can also act as a buffer against extreme climatic conditions. 

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet11
This tiny home comes with a small outdoor deck. Image Credit – Greenmoxie Image Source-https://newatlas.com/greenmoxie-tiny-house-drawbridge/45950/

12. Lofts 

Lofts are a great way to utilize space effectively. They can be used either for storage or to create living or sleeping spaces. The most common use of lofts in a tiny home is to have a bedroom in a loft. Lofts can also be used to create living or lounge, workspaces, etc. 

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet12
Lofts are an effective way of good space utilization. Image Credit – Tex Zen Tiny Homes Co. ImageSource-https://www.dreambiglivetinyco.com/blogs/featured-tiny-spaces/the-single-loft

13. Mirrors

The most effective way to make a space look bigger is through the use of mirrors or mirror material. Mirrored walls, ceilings, partitions can create an effect of a larger space, while also doubling up as a decorative element. 

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet13
Mirrored walls or partitions can create an illusion of larger space Image Credit – Unknown Image Source-Pinterest

14. Stairs as Storage

Stairs take up a lot of room within a space. To compensate for that, different types of storage such as vertical pullouts, drawers, etc can be integrated into the stair element. This is an effective space-saving solution. 

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet14
Stair Storage. Image Credit – Unknown. Image Source-https://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/tiny-house-stairs-ladders/

15. Curtains 

Soft furnishings can be used to bring in some color and character to an interior space. In tiny homes, curtains can also serve as space dividers. They are also easy and economical to switch up, and this can entirely shift the character of the space. 

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet5
Curtains as Space Dividers. Image Credit – The Tiny Canal Cottage. Image Source – https://www.tinycanalcottage.com/blog/2018/9/24/hosting-overnight-guests-in-your-small-home

16. Color Palette

Having a light color palette for the walls and partitions can help create an illusion of a larger space. This also provides a blank canvas to overlay a variety of colors and textures of the furniture, soft furnishings, etc. 

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet16
Light colors on walls and vertical surfaces can create illusions of a larger space. Image Credit – Unknown Image Source – https://www.zillow.com/blog/tiny-home-traits-194949/

17. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can instantly transform a space to feel a lot more lively as well as cozy. There are various kinds of indoor plants, some of which can thrive even with less sunlight. Adding indoor plants also adds an interesting texture to the interior.

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet17
Different sizes of Indoor Plants can make the space look lively. Image Credit – MARGARITA KHAMIDULINAGETTY IMAGES Image Source – https://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/g29824803/small-indoor-house-plants/

18. Rugs

Area rugs are currently a huge trend. They help in grounding the furniture, adding character to space, and also demarcating zones for different types of activity. Throwing some floor pillows on an area rug can also be an effective way to provide extra seating space when required. 

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet18
Different sizes of Indoor Plants can make the space look lively. Image Credit – Chloe Caravan Image Source – Pinterest

19. Light Furniture

Use light movable furniture, particularly furniture pieces that are lifted off the floor. As opposed to solid fixed furniture, these can be moved around easily, and they do not contribute to visual heaviness or clutter. Furniture is a great way to also add pops of color within the space. 

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet19
Light Movable Furniture in an Interior. Image Credit – JESSICA HELGERSON INTERIOR DESIGN Image Source – https://www.mydomaine.com/midcentury-furniture-shops

20. Minimal Materials

While building or decorating a tiny home, it is extremely important to stick to a minimum number of materials. These few materials can be used all over in a variety of ways, to provide continuity without creating visual clutter. 

20 Trendy space saving solutions for tiny homes - Sheet20
Tiny Home in Waiheke Island – graphic designer Kate van den Bergh and architect Willem Image Credit – unknown Image Source – https://www.homestolove.co.nz/real-homes/home-tours/inside-tiny-home-waiheke-modern-design-meets-cottage-style

Tiny homes are a trend that is here to stay. There is a great deal of creative opportunity in the design and detail of tiny homes. Creating comfortable homes within tiny spaces can be a challenge, but when designed well, it can perfectly complement a person’s lifestyle. 



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