Most of us have spent a lot of time in our homes in 2020. Colours provide more than a decorative purpose; they enhance our emotions. Colours can entirely change the atmosphere of the interior and create harmony with the décor by your style. Each tone of color has a significant effect on our mood, has a specific meaning, and interlinks with our mind frame. Many of us want to transform our homes that will be inspired by our needs for peace and wellbeing in our daily lives. Each year introduces us to some new styles and trends. Here are 10 Interior colour trends that will drive the interiors for 2021. 

1. Navy Blue

We find comfort and simplicity in watery blues, paying homage to the ocean. Lucy Blue embodies a playful quality, reminding us to find pleasure in our every day. Navy blue is an amazing colour for developing an elegant and tranquil environment. It can be used in interior furniture and decor as well as wall paint for the indoors. Navy blue colour is one of the most recent furniture colour trends which is used in all sorts of furniture, from kitchen shelves to sofas and pillows. This colour is a great choice to have classy, serene and modish spaces.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet1
Navy Blue © 

2. Sage Green

Give your space an uplifting refresh by bringing elements of the natural world into your home. Whether you are planning to offer your kitchen a facelift or need to spruce up a tired-looking living room, rich green is the hue to choose. Sage green highlights our choice to restore the planet and our mental health with minimalism and a positive outlook. This natural tint is tender and simple, which sets the mind at ease. Sage green is one of the trending shades for bedroom interiors for 2021.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet2
Sage Green ©

3. Dusty Lavender

A sophisticated approach to emerging pastels, Dusty Lavender is very welcoming and appealing to the eyes. Using the colour onto ceilings will give small rooms a bigger appearance. Pairing with soft velvet tones and warm brass will bring improved luxury to a pastel.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet3
Dusty Lavender ©

4. Passionate

Developing a new relationship with one’s home, as so many of us have carried out this year, includes reimagining what comfort and culture mean. The colour Passionate is an ambitious take on a vintage favourite, evoking the simple, traditional pleasures of watching the seasons change and sipping a glass of red wine. This rich shade can headline a space all by itself or background a group of beloved artwork and objects.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet4
Passionate ©

5. Granite Dust

Since last year our homes have become offices, entertainment centers and classrooms — which means the colours, sights and sounds in our rooms have an even bigger impact on our daily lives. Granite Dust is a neutral undergirded by the strong strength that gives it its name; it can read both warm or cool and offers supportive space for creativity, making it a  perfect preference for a reimagined kitchen. Like the stone elements we rely on for safety from the outside world, this dependable colour gives us a sense of protection and stability.  Add warm brass and timber elements to play off of the subtle green undertones of this stony grey.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet5
Granite Dust ©

6. Graham & Brown’s Epoch

Epoch is a deep, directional plum that appears like a personal cocoon. It adores warm, conventional woods, rich metallic finishes and the sanguine tones of the vacation season. Epoch’s diffused optimism makes it an intuitive preference for outdoor statements as well. It provides surprising richness and curbs attraction to otherwise-neutral spaces.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet6
Epoch ©

7. Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze attracts on the comforts of home by cultivating an acquainted modern retreat from the outside world. Complement the simplicity of Urbane Bronze with natural materials like wood finishes, natural stone accents or woven textiles and lots of mixed metals to create a serene space grounded in nature. The colour’s anchoring quality makes it a new impartial powerhouse that serves properly in spaces like living rooms, bedrooms and home offices.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet7
Urbane Bronze ©

8. Pale Apricot

Pale Apricot with all its delicious cream-like feels, blends pinkish tones with sparkling shades of mild orange. This shade echoes natural tones like minimally completed hardwood, buttery leather and even unbleached cotton, and it simply likes to be swathed in natural light in nurseries and bedrooms.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet8
Pale Apricot ©

9. Soft Candlelight

Muted yellows channel the uplifting energy and warmth of the sun, setting a mood that’s blissful and welcoming. Natural light makes tender yellows come alive. Consider using this uplifting hue in rooms that get a lot of sun or as a welcoming outdoor colour. Vibrant corals and watery teals make the best accent to this colourful neutral. Pair it with crisp, dark tones and wintery whites in an entryway to rejoice the change of the seasons.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet9
Soft Candlelight ©

10. Cherry Taupe

As we take a holistic approach to personal and environmental well-being, Cherry Taupe creates a feeling of calmness and strength in a space at the same time. Endlessly versatile, this earthy shade can be expanded to the height of elegance with gold accents or combined with ceramics, stone and wood to play up its natural appeal.

10 Interior Colours Trends 2021 - Sheet10
Cherry Taupe ©


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