Whether it’s our basic necessity or something we really want, shopping is one of the best solutions we could ask for. It is also known as one of the stress busters. What could be better than finding the products we love and at the same time getting them for a reasonable and cheap price? 

Head out to these 15 famous street shopping destinations in cities all around India where you can find the perfect products you were in search of.

1. Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi

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This market is situated in Delhi and is known to attract tourists for its street shopping. You can get a wide range of items here from clothes, products, accessories and even food. Ask any person in Delhi for a spot to street shop and the first place they would recommend would be Sarojini Nagar market. You can find all the branded products for a very less price here. This market is perfect for your everyday needs and even for designers who require products at a very cheap price.

2. Commercial Street, Bangalore

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Commercial street is located in Bangalore and it is one of the most famous and busiest streets in Bangalore. Various items are available in this area like clothes, footwear, jewelry, electronics, and food joints. Both two-wheelers and four-wheelers are allowed in this street which makes the area crowded. The street is decorated with lights and other items during festive seasons.

3. Colaba causeway, Mumbai

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Colaba causeway is a busy shopping area in the heart of the city of Mumbai. All the buildings here are from the colonial era of India which gives a vibe dated back to those times during British rule. Colaba causeway is famous for a lot of things like its cafes, clothes, antiques, home décor, electronics, furniture, and accessories. Apart from these, you can also find high-end shops here with branded products.

4. Baapu Bazaar, Jaipur

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Jaipur is already known for its cultural background and royal families. Shopping here is mostly famous for its traditional and handcrafted items.

All the buildings here have a similar style of design and are pink in color. This place is famous for its traditional outfits, handicrafts, antiques, footwear, and other beautiful decors. The bazaar is very famous among tourists and has a huge crowd visiting it all round year.

5. Police market, Shillong

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It is the most famous shopping destination for all tourists and locals in Shillong. You can find a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and other shops where you find products like traditional handicrafts, apparel, jewelry, and other merchandise. Both modern, as well as traditional items are available here at a reasonable price. Unlike other market areas, this market is spread into different streets and also has a landscaping view all around. Vehicles are not allowed here which makes the market area even better.

6. Saturday night market, Goa

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The Saturday night market is located in the Northern part of Goa. It is also called Ingo’s night market. The market has a vibe that is very similar to the typical Goa vibe. This includes everything from live music, bars, restaurants, shopping – clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, accessories, shoes, antics, etc.

7. Serenity beach bazaar, Pondicherry

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The Serenity beach bazaar located in Pondicherry is open only on the weekends and is located very close to the sea. It throws the entire vibe of Pondicherry with all the French antics and other items like clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, ceramics, accessories, etc but all in the French style. There are also other food outlets and a landscaping area right next to the market to give it a beautiful view.

8. Janpath, Delhi

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It is one of the most famous street shopping places in Delhi. This market is very famous among people visiting the city and the crowd here consists more of foreigners than the locals itself.

A wide range of cultural items is found in this market from Gujarati, Tibetan, Kashmiri, Chinese, Rajasthani, and other international brands. There are various food outlets available here along with shopping outlets that have clothes, carpets, jewelry, paintings, pottery, and artifacts.

9. Anjuna flea market, Goa

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Just like the Saturday night market in Goa the Anjuna flea market also is a pretty famous shopping destination in the city. It is the cheapest shopping destination in Goa where you can find different items like souvenirs, handicrafts, clothes and is open on the weekends again. The market was earlier only in one part of Anjuna beach but now it has been extended to the fields away from the beach as well, because of its popularity amongst tourists and locals.

10. Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore

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Apart from Commercial street in Bangalore, this is another area in the city that is a famous shopping destination. Products here are sold in buildings and on blue sheets on the road itself at a very cheap price. Items available here are clothes, sandals, artifacts, home décor, antics, handicrafts, etc. It is considered as the shopping paradise in the city.

11. Residency Road, Bangalore

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Another famous street shopping area in Bangalore is the Residency road. It consists of both busy street stalls as well as malls on the same road just like the commercial street. A variety of clothes, artifacts, antics, handicrafts, accessories, and shoes can be found here. Residency Road is situated very close to other stretches of shopping destinations of the city that is M.G. Road and Commercial street.

12. Fergusson college road, Pune

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Fergusson college road is located in the heart of the city and is one of the busiest and liveliest streets in the city. This area is known for its food joints, shopping areas, and famous restaurants. The street is visited by different groups of people like local youngsters to tourists. This street was initially different in the early stages and was recently changed based on the city’s traffic and planning.

13. New Market, Kolkata

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The busiest and liveliest place in Kolkata is the new market located in the heart of the city. The New Market is also known as the Hogg market. Since the time the East India company invaded Kolkata, this market is in existence (19th century). Apart from apparels and accessories you also get a wide range of products like electronic goods, groceries, kitchen appliances, household goods, and crystal items. There are thousands of shops in this market under a single roof.

14. Fashion street, Mumbai

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With more than about 100 shops in this street, it is another street in Mumbai which is a busy and crowded shopping destination visited by both the local teenagers as well as foreign tourists. Export quality items are available here at a very cheap rate. What sets this market apart is its incredible fashion and new arrival products which are unique from the other markets.

15. Begum Bazaar, Hyderabad

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This market area is located in the busy area of Char Minar which is a very famous tourist attraction of Hyderabad. This market comes under the old city of Hyderabad. You can find various products from household items, gold, silver, commodities, crockery to brassware products. This area is completely used for commerce and was invaded by Nizams in the early centuries, which was later developed into its present form.


Sanjitha Suresh is an architecture student from Bangalore, India. She is aiming to become an Architectural journalist through which she can spread knowledge about architecture and make it understandable even to the common man, rather than having it confined only within the field of architecture.