Owning smart technology is no longer a matter of luxurythe ubiquity of devices like Alexa and Google Home due to their competitive pricing strategy has led to almost every household owning one. Artificially intelligent smart gadgets are changing the way people go about their daily tasks, from automating lighting conditions, controlling water pressure, finding water leaks, to even perfectly timed toastthe technology is pervasive and has innumerable applications. 

New devices expand the list every year. This article sums up 10 devices that are commonly available and have the potential to convert your house into a ‘Smart Home’.

1. ConnectSense Smart Outlet | Smart Gadgets

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The smart plug has been around for a while now, but the ConnectSense smart outlet has managed to perfect this technology. The plug easily connects to any outlet and has built-in Wi-Fi for all the necessary tasks. It can be controlled via Alexa or Google Home, and a simple voice command can turn any appliance on, making even the most basic appliances ‘smart’. 

Moreover, its app allows one to monitor energy usage for the appliances, and can even create schedules for turning things on and off. 

2. August Smart Lock

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The smart lock is becoming increasingly popular as it easily gets installed on the door with the existing deadbolt system. The August Smart Lock is a convenient way to get access without worrying about keys, as the lock connects to the Wi-Fi and can be operated remotely through an app. 

The app also tracks activity and creates a log of who went in or out and at what time. It also comes with a biometric face recognition system for an extra layer of security!

3. Nest Learning Thermostat | Smart Gadgets

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The Nest Learning Thermostat boasts of having saved 1 billion kilowatts of energy so far. With several new features, the thermostat now has a better, more vibrant display. After setting up, it learns the occupants’ schedule and programs itself to maintain temperature based on optimum comfort levels. 

It senses when people are not around, and can turn itself off as well, or be turned on remotely via an app. It also has an eco-mode that helps save more energy by optimizing temperatures. 

4. Ring Video Doorbell

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Ring is a smart doorbell that has in-built video recording capabilities. On connecting with the app, it also has the ability to play real-time footage of a visitor at the door. It comes with motion-sensing capabilities, and one can orient the lens toward a busy street. It even shoots video at night due to its night vision camera.

5. Awair Element | Smart Gadgets

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The Awair Element is a smart air quality monitor that packs a lot of features in a small, sleek body. The monitor is linked to an app that tells the occupants about inside/ outside temperature, humidity levels, carbon dioxide levels, the presence of VOCs, and the PM levels in the air. 

Along with providing all this information, it also suggests ways to lead a healthy lifestyle!

6. Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED

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Philips started manufacturing smart bulbs quite a while ago, and these easily get connected to the Wi-Fi, and can be controlled via an app. Occupants can remotely turn them on or off, control the brightness, or even change color

The lights also save a significant amount of energy compared to a normal bulb. 

7. Flume Smart Home Water Monitor

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The water monitor is a great way to detect unwanted leaks. The product comes with a detector that connects directly to the water meter, and an indoor ‘Bridge’ device that gets connected to the Wi-Fi. 

The detector reads the meter’s magnetic field to provide real-time alerts on the app when it detects a leak. The app also gives suggestions about saving water and reducing the bill.

8. Arlo Pro 3

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You can finally bid adieu to muddy night vision and choppy details- the Arlo Pro 3 captures ultra-clear footage in HDR, and can even see in color at night. The product is entirely wireless and comes equipped with sensitive motion sensors that send real-time alerts when they capture unusual activity. 

9. Chromecast Ultra

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The latest version of Chromecast makes it much easier to stream/ cast content on any screen. The sleek device plugs into an HDMI port and comes with a remote that has voice recognition for hands-free usage. 

It also gives personalized recommendations based on the viewing content for more relatable movies and shows.

10. Google Nest Protect | Smart Gadgets

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The Google Nest Protect is a state-of-the-art alarm system that doesn’t merely go off like the traditional ones. It locates the source of the smoke, sends alerts on the phone, and can even be turned off with a command on the phone itself. 

It comes with night lights and can be installed without any extra hardware at the location of one’s choice.


Varun is a Masters in Architecture graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology. As an architect, he is passionate about good design, interactivity with architecture, walkability, and dense cities. When not working, he tries to find time for sketching, going for a swim or reading architectural theory.