“Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.” 

To be known by an unknown is the best way to look into treatments that actually need to be done rather than what actually is done. Spaces have their own world of ups and downs and a hope of being appreciated and being looked after. But, how many actually implement this mantra before providing a space? 

I guess just a handful of people do. Designing a space needs to be understood by a simple mantra of understanding the function the space will serve as per the requirements. The dining room is not just a space of interaction but also an emotion of being able to sit together with your families and beloved ones. 

Pertaining to these emotions and the qualitative value of interaction such spaces need to provoke intrigue and must lead to conversations among themselves. So, here are some of the dining rooms ideas in order to enhance the space which is of utmost importance to everyone some of the following ways should be kept in mind to make the space a memorable one as it is said that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. 

10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet1
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1. Ensure A Private And Warm Setting | Dining Rooms Ideas

“Hold on to whatever keeps you warm inside.” We as individuals have replaced the meaning of comfort to luxury rather than finding solace in an environment of warmth and privacy. The concept of providing warmth to the space is vanishing with the days to come and can be seen replaced by providing some unnecessary artefacts which do not even complement the surrounding but are provided just for the sake of aesthetics. 

During a social gathering, the maximum time a guest spends is in a dining room. To make the dining room one of a kind, the room should encourage conversations which would mean the space should not be noisy and be kept away from distractions. Ensuring a warm setting enhances the space of the dining room hence creating privacy from the other sector of the house.

10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet2

The first image portrays a warm and private setting by just positioning the dining table and chairs in the centre of the house where the interaction will take place the most. The second image on the other hand shows how creatively the large floating screens separate the dining room from the rest of the house. 

Other than acting as a separation, the screens also frame the views of the open areas like the library and the living room. So, these two kinds of setups tell us how the positioning, as well as the screen barriers, help in enhancing a space to its optimum use.

2. Create A Focal Point

Creating focus is all about the different ways in which you are able to draw the attention of the user as well as the guests to come. Making the table a centre of appeal will help the guests to be the main focus of the house hence, creating a focal point. When the dining table becomes the focal point in the house, the companions are compelled to have a seat and start a conversation. 

Once the table is positioned in the centre, then it’s just about arranging the table with some furnishings and accessories so that they can complement the focal point. For a space to enhance itself it is necessary to create a focal point that further helps the place to look appealing.

10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet3
10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet21
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3. Scale Of The Space | Dining Rooms Ideas

The scale of any space plays a crucial role in not just defining the dimensions but also changes the visual experience of the viewer. Playing with the scale seems to be one of the ideas to help boost the visual interest in a room. So, it is not always necessary to play around with the positioning but some oversized accessories in the space can make the space look visually great. 

An oversized pendant on top of the dining space can help make the room look visually connected and at the same time will help create a focal point of the house. So, this is one idea that can be implemented in such a space to make it look adorable and an attraction point in the house.

10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet4
10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet5

4. Introduce Personality In The Space

“Beauty attracts the eyes but personality captures the heart.” No matter how we dress our own selves in front of the mirror, the reflection shows us how we actually are. The personality of a person is an important part of determining how the house owner actually is and helps in giving a more personalized experience to the user. 

The types of colour palette, artwork, and accessories used in a particular space will help us know the person more, hence giving a more personalized dining experience. It was said by Jennifer Fisher, “Use your hobbies or interests as a guide to creating your unique space.”  It is always good to make some aesthetic connections by personally connecting the space with the accessories to be used.

10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet6
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5. Experimenting Spaces With Colours And Textures | Dining Rooms Ideas

Colours have the property of being distinct, lovable, and friendly towards the textured wall of the house. Colours give a vibrant touch to the space and also increases or decreases the scale of the space depending on the colour being applied on the wall. Unique colours and textures transform a space completely, with its nature of being lovable. 

Colourful spaces create a positive aura and lessen the dullness in that space. Creating interesting textures and surfaces in the horizontal planes such as the floor, tables, and the ceiling will enhance the space of the dining area. 

10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet10
10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet11
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6. Providing A Mirror To The Space

Mirrors provide a trick to make any small room seem bigger. A mirror’s reflection is wonderful at faking extra space and reflects light in the room making the room look airier. Apart from making the room look bigger adding mirrors to the space also gives a touch of luxury to your dining space. So, mirrors act as an enhancing character to make the space look appealingly beautiful. 

Sometimes, providing mirrors cannot be a good choice for places having a composite type of climates as during the summers the heat would penetrate the mirror causing the room to be hotter than usual. So, this idea is applicable only to areas with pleasant climates and where the sun is not able to reach the house. 

10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet12

7. Use Of Right Lighting In The Space

Lighting is a very important part of building a space yet is neglected the most while designing a space. Lighting creates a drama of shadows and reflections making the space a memorable one. Beautiful lighting fixtures can make a dining space into something extraordinary. The dramatic chandeliers with geometric glass pendants give a feeling of completeness that we desire from a space. 

Downlights should be avoided directly over the chairs to eliminate dark shadows on the face of the guests. Light sources at eye levels should be practiced for a better play of shadows in the space like the scones. So, lighting if done with proper measures can enhance the space of a dining room making it the centre of attraction for the people to come.

10 Dining rooms ideas that can enhance the space - Sheet13
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8. Mismatched Seating | Dining Rooms Ideas

There used to be a time where matching seats with the table was a trend that was being followed. But, now is the time of mismatched seats as it is with life!! Mismatching the artworks and furniture gives the space a creative style. A mix and match furniture not only makes it unique but also adds interest to the space. 

Adding intriguing elements makes the visual experience of the person a little more exciting and fun. Such seating is least expected and so creates interest with different patterns of chairs or artworks. This sort of arrangement enhances the space for a dining room and gives a different look altogether.

TYPE 1 OF MISMATCHED SEATING_www.elledecor.com
TYPE 1 OF MISMATCHED SEATING_www.elledecor.com
TYPE 2 OF MISMATCHED SEATING_www.goodhousekeeping.com
TYPE 2 OF MISMATCHED SEATING_www.goodhousekeeping.com

9. Provision Of A Circular Table

We all know while designing a built form shapes that are commonly used are squares and rectangles. It becomes quite monotonous having to continue the same shape and see all the objects of the same kind. Every eye yearns for diversity and change. 

In order to provide something dynamic to the space a circular table can help in ending the monotony of the eyes. It becomes easier to walk around that space in case of tight spaces. So, we can see how just a shape is helping enhance some of the qualities of the dining area. We can say that for enhancing the space it is not always necessary to change the setup. A simple change in shape can help the space change its identity.

CIRCULAR TABLE CONCEPT 1_www.goodhousekeeping.com
CIRCULAR TABLE CONCEPT 1_www.goodhousekeeping.com

10. Provision Of Built-in Seating | Dining Rooms Ideas

A built-in concept can be seen in places outside India. A very few places have inculcated such a concept. This concept utilizes the space to its optimum use. The table can be positioned closer to the wall or the window to fit in more family members if required. Placing pillows in this built-in seating makes a cozy environment for the guests to come. 

A space is enhanced by utilizing every corner of the area so that there is no gap for negative spaces. Such spaces create a negative impact on the user hence making the space less user-friendly. So, the provision of built-in seating is a great way to enhance the space for a dining area.

Built-in sitting 1_google
Built-in sitting 1_google
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Built-in sitting 2_www.goodhousekeeping


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