“Do It Yourself” is the abbreviation of the term DIY, which is a common term used in recent times in a lot of disciplines. These concepts, if not under the same tag, have existed since the inception of the materialistic needs of man. 

Lately, this has become quite popular as it makes a product unique, easy to build, and also has a personal touch. The fashion, design, and food industry has seen immense growth with DIY products. 

Specific to architecture and design, DIY products are confined to interior decor or soft furnishing. To add a distinctive element of thought, people have developed a lot of DIY products or maybe invest in DIY product kits. 

The following are 20 DIY soft furnishing decors that could zing up a space. 

1. Ruffled curtains 

Curtains and blinds are home essentials that build a volume into intricate spaces. Most curtains are plain fabrics that are either patterned or plain. T

hese ruffled fabric additions make an interesting addition to a space. The ruffle detail has been explained in a step by step manner in the following link: https://www.theshabbycreekcottage.com/ruffled-curtains-tutorial.html    

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet1
ruffled blind_www.pinterest.com

2. DIY fabric lampshade

The play of light enhances the aesthetic value of a space. These bespoke lampshades are easy to revamp any given bedroom or even a dining space. The following link shows how a normal lampshade could be turned into beautifully painted fixtures. https://www.bhg.com/decorating/do-it-yourself/quick-and-easy-projects/fabric-drum-shade/?utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=bhg_bhg_7014047&utm_content=video_DIY&utm_term=homeonabudget_202003 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet2
fabric lampshade_www.pinterest.com

3. Bubbly upcycled saree seating

The designer intended to create environment-conscious additions to the market by recycling or upcycling old Indian sarees. This served as the upholstery while locally available wooden legs served as support. 

Each pom was created by stuffing linen and silk pieces cut from sarees with cotton.

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet3
bubbled saree seating_www.pinterest.com

4. Boho fringed lampshade

Nikki is a macrame maker from Perth who makes and sells macrame art for your home and even weddings. 

The following link is a do-it-yourself guide to make an easy macrame lampshade using a lampshade/pendant light kit. https://www.style-squeeze.com/blog/2019/11/17/diy-boho-fringe-lampshade-the-easy-way 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet4

5. Crochet craft rugs 

Crochet has been a native art of creating intricate patterns for all sorts of purposes. I think all of us have at least a small piece of crochet lying in our wardrobe. This native technique is being used to create boho rugs at home. 

Etsy is a website where the entire tutorial and pattern is given for any beginner. (https://www.etsy.com/

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet5
crochet rug_www.pinterest.com

6. DIY Latch Hook rug

Rugs are essential soft furnishing for a home. It makes a space cozy and warm. With just a couple of prerequisites, this simple do-it-yourself rug can be custom-made at home. 

The following link shows the steps to make it. https://abeautifulmess.com/diy-latch-hook-rug/

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet6
latch rug_httpsabeautifulmess.comdiy-latch-hook-rug

7. Pom pom cushions

It’s an easy way of revamping regular cushions in your home by hand-made pom-poms add ons. These pom poms are easy to make from wool yarn which is later stuck onto the cushions using fabric glue. 

A color tone can be thought of before starting the process by getting different colored yarns. 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet7
pom-poms cushion_www.pinterest.com

8. Turning a regular laundry basket into a pretty decor.

A regular laundry basket is covered with colored fabric chords and used to accessorize a space. 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet8
laundry basket_www.pinterest.com

9. Macrame wall decor

Macrame designs are being extensively used to ramp up a space and the best part is it could be done at home, adding a personal touch to the entire process. This soft furniture is an addition to a wall with small storage space. 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet9
marcrame wall hang_www.pinterest.com

10. Latch Hook cushions

Latch Hook techniques could help create a lot of soft furnishing. With just a latch hook and some scrap yarn, these cushions could add a playful tone to your space. (https://mypoppet.com.au/makes/diy-shaggy-latch-hook-cushion-cover/)

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet10

11. Recycled tire ottoman

This do-it-yourself outdoor furniture is an inexpensive way of recycling old tires into beautiful seaters. These old tires are wrapped with jute ropes giving it an edgy look.  

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet11
upcycled ottoman seater_www.pinterest.com

12. Macrame plant hanger

Indoor plants are being extensively incorporated these days due to the lack of outdoor spaces in apartments. These indoor plants could be interestingly suspended from the ceiling using macrame ropes. 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet12
macrame plant holder_www.pinterest.com

13. Macrame mirror DIY

Mirrors are very common in every household. A distinctive approach to facelift this essential is by adding a decorative border made of macrame. These give a boho sense to the entire space. 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet13
macrame mirror_www.pinterest.com

14. Chunky knit blanket

Blankets are soft furnishings that define a bed. A chunky knit blanket not only defines the space but also adds a personal touch. It’s a slow but very interesting DIY that could bring in a chic edge. 


20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet14
chunky knit blanket_www.pinterest.com

15. 10 butterfly chair covers 

An ordinary butterfly chair is upcycled into an edgy seater by adding additional upholstery. 

The following link shows the various ways to do this. https://www.curbly.com/diy-chair-covers 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet16
butterfly chair_www.pinterest.com

16. Upholstered X bench

The entire bench has been custom-made with planks and upholstery material. The following link shows the steps. https://rogueengineer.com/upholstered-x-bench-plans/ 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet17
X bench_www.pinterest.com

17. Coiled rope coaster

Coasters are always a good and important essential to a dining space. These easy homemade coasters are pocket-friendly with just the rope and glue being the prerequisites. 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet18

18. No sew bolster pillow

An easy and quick way to revamp your living spaces, these pillowcases can be custom made to the choice of cloth and color, with the benefit of no-sew. 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet19
bolster pillow_www.pinterest.com

19. Roman shade 

Roman shades are quite expensive and this DIY tutorial is a smart solution to revamp a window in a pocket-friendly way. The following link is a detailed step-by-step guide.  http://www.33shadesofgreen.com/2011/01/tutorial-how-to-sew-roman-shade.html 

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet20
Roman shade_www.pinterest.com

20. T-shirt rug

Old t-shirts are the most readily available fabrics at home. What better way than spending a holiday making a funky rug out of these shirts. 

( https://scratchandstitch.com/latch-hook-t-shirt-rug/ )

20 DIY Projects for soft furnishing - Sheet21
T-shirt rug_www.pinterest.com

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