11. Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart | Interior Designer colour

Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart are owners of the BLK MKT Vintage collection. The collection includes items like vintage literature, vinyl records, clothing, art, homeware/decor, furniture, and other goods. They are centering black culture artifacts by thoughtful curation and varying modes of accessibility.

25 Interior Designers of colour everyone should know about - Sheet11
Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart_Ⓒwww.google.com

12. Kelly Finley

Kelly Finley is a founder of Joy Street Designs. She is an expert in creating functional spaces that will feel comfortable, personal, and unexpected. She believes working with clients creates unique and comfortable spaces that define and reflect their personal – style.

25 Interior Designers of colour everyone should know about - Sheet12
Kelly Finley_Ⓒwww.google.com

13. Carmen Rene Smith | Interior Designer colour

Carmen Rene smith is an Oakland-based interior designer. She is specialized in bold, culturally rich, curated design. Her style is eclectic, layered, and maximalist. She lives for the blend of clean modern lines, playful shapes, bold colors, fun prints, and dynamic patterns.

25 Interior Designers of colour everyone should know about - Sheet13
Carmen Rene Smith_Ⓒwww.google.com

14. Courtney Mcleod

Courtney Mcleod is famous for her bold and confident use of color. She has spent 15 years working in real estate finance and private equity. She likes to design around her client’s personalities, then she also adds her unique filter to it. 

25 Interior Designers of colour everyone should know about - Sheet14
Courtney Mcleod_Ⓒwww.google.com

15. Nichole White | Interior Designer colour

Nichole whit is a founder of Nichole white designs. Nichole white designs interiors is also an award-winning and nationally published interior designer firm. She cultivates intimate and long-standing relationships with clients as they design for the varying shapes of their day-to-day lives.

25 Interior Designers of colour everyone should know about - Sheet15
Nichole White_Ⓒwww.google.com

16. Nichole Gibbons

Nichole Gibbons is an American interior designer, a television personality. She is also the founder of the startup Clare and design blogger. She is famous for decorating and lifestyle blogs. She currently appears as a design expert on homemade simple, which is a home improvement reality show.

25 Interior Designers of colour everyone should know about - Sheet16
Nichole Gibbons_Ⓒwww.google.com

17. Erin Shakoor

Erin Shakoor has an incredible background in fine arts and surface design. Shakoor is a principal designer. She possesses the unique ability to intuit the needs of a space, which results in harmonious interiors with strong visual impact. 

25 Interior Designers of colour everyone should know about - Sheet17
Erin Shakoor_Ⓒwww.google.com

18. Erika Ward | Interior Designer colour

Erika Ward is a founder of Erika ward interiors. A design firm that shows and showcases specializing in a contemporary meets with classic interior design along with some aesthetics. With a strong foundation in business and finance and over a decade of experience she became a leader in East Coast Designs.

Erika Ward_Ⓒwww.google.com
Erika Ward_Ⓒwww.google.com

19. Kesha Franklin

Kesha Franklin spent years immersed in the exclusive world of couture fashion and also as a backstage production manager and a wardrobe stylist for the iconic Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. her exposure to art, luxurious interiors, and fine men’s wear were what captivated her creativity.

Kesha Franklin_Ⓒwww.google.com
Kesha Franklin_Ⓒwww.google.com

20. Denise Butler | Interior Designer colour

Denise Butler is a founder of The Perfect Vignette interior styling firm. The firm values well-appointed style and craftsmanship that will piece together an overall charming and inviting space. The main focus of the firm is on exceptional attention to detail to identify your unique and personal style.

Denise Butler_Ⓒwww.google.com
Denise Butler_Ⓒwww.google.com
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