Caution: When you finish reading this list, you will be compelled to max out your card on these must-have bathroom gadgets. 

In a time where we are spending more time at home, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to splurge on some gadgets that will undoubtedly make you look forward to your shower and bath times from Vitamin C showers to disco parties in your bathtub, these bathroom gadgets are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.  

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Here are 15 unique bathroom gadgets:

1. Digital Shower Interface | Bathroom gadgets

15 Unique Bathroom gadgets - Sheet1

Amp your showers with this digital magnificence. A shower device like no other, the waterproof touch screen display allows you access to control the water and temperature and pressure, steam levels, lighting, and even your choice of music. 

Additionally, saving up to 6 pre-set modes allows even little Jack to listen to ‘Baby Shark’. What are you waiting for, have the perfect shower with just the touch of one button. 

2. Underwater Disco Lightshow

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Let’s have a DANCE PARTY!! Merge party time and bath time with this amazing battery-operated floating device. It gives off disco lights turning your entire bathroom into a 70’s disco scene (With this device ‘disco never died’). 

The device comes along with adjustable settings for lighting and speed allowing to change the patterns and mood, from gentle and calming lights to vividly dynamic bursts of colour.  

3. LED Ceiling Mounted Shower Head | Bathroom gadgets

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 Take your shower experience to new elevations with this ceiling device. This single spray shower head comes with a self-generating led lighting hydro-powered system (That’s a mouth full), i.e., you’ll not be wasting any electricity which makes the entire design sustainable and durable. 

So, get yourself this and let this shower whisk you away into lavishness. 

4. ShowerShroom Advanced Hair Catcher

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Ever taken a shower and it’s really just a bath for your feet because of your clogged drain. Well, you won’t be getting this problem again with this device. 

Fitting a standard 2-inch drain, its hollow cylindrical form, as well as bottom flange, allows for water to easily pass through while catching the hair that goes through the drain. This will keep your drains clean and pipes flowing easily.  

5. Dual Jet Spa | Bathroom gadgets

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Jacuzzi enthusiasts this one is for you. You can now turn any good old tub into a spa bath with this portable jet device. Hang it on the side of the tub, allowing the suction cups to anchor it in place below the surface of the water, then choose the intensity of your water massage. 

The dual nozzles are adjustable and will direct strong jets of water right where you need them too. While you’re still working out space and money for the jacuzzi get yourself this bubble bath jacuzzi like device in the meantime 

6. Smart Rain Showerhead

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Eco-conscious shower lovers, I have one for you too. Complete with an LED display, this system allows you to view and select the exact amount of temperature for your shower with alternating colour displays to indicate the temperature. 

It goes ahead to give you a reading for real-time water usage in gallons per minute so you can monitor your water consumption. And to top it all off, the showerhead is powered by a hydroelectric generator i.e. the very shower your taking 

7. Shower Speaker | Bathroom gadgets

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VicTsing Shower Speaker_

Who needs ‘American idols’ when you can have ‘Bathroom Idols’? Elevate your shower times with this bathroom gadget. 

The wireless waterproof device uses suction cups to stick on your wall and features a built-in microphone and hands-free speakerphone option so you can take your business call even when you’re handling your business (please don’t do that)!

8. Toilet Light

Motion censor night light toilet

Stumbling like a zombie in the middle of the night and worried about if the toilet seat is down. No worries anymore with this toilet light. Its motion and light detecting sensor will illuminate when you are within 6ft of the motion sensor. You also have an array of colours to choose from. 

9. Towel Warmer

This is the Endgame of luxury. Imagine after a nice warm bath you wrap yourself up like a burrito in a nice toasty warm towel/robe or blanket. I can already tell you that your upcoming deadlines and pin-ups are simply going to melt away. 

This towel warmer heats up to 2 bath towels for 15,30,45, or 60 minutes before automatically shutting off. 

10. Aromatherapy Shower Kit | Bathroom gadgets

After a long hard day of site visits, and compiling project reports, imagine slipping into a hot shower infused with essential oils that will help your muscles relax. Designed to relax and revitalize your mind, spirit and body. 

This shower kit comes with 3 essential oil blends and an adjustable shower attachment set to a position under the showerhead. Don’t worry about what that Juror said and slip your way into a more peaceful day.  

11. Shower Wine Glass Holder 

Sipski silicon shower wine glass

Don’t drink and shower! However, you can Sip and Bath and enjoy your favourite glass of wine with this bathroom gadget that you can easily stick on your wall. It adheres to smooth, glass-like surfaces such as tile, marble and more, without the need for suction cups or adhesives. 

It has seafoam-hued silicone holders in place to hold your glass. So, plump your bubbles, light a candle, sip some wine and read the latest architectural news from RTF! 

12. Washlet Bidet Seat

TOTO Washlet C100 Bidet electronic toilet

Save the planet while you sit! This bidet toilet seat helps you feel clean, save trees by using less toilet paper and enjoy a heated seat. It’s fully automated and its features include; soft rear spray, rear cleanse, and a front cleanse with the option of an oscillating stream. These and many more options can be controlled by a conveniently placed arm panel. 

The device ensures cleanliness by automatically spraying the bowl before and after each use and preventing waste build up and also features an air deodorizer. This all-inclusive bathroom gadget caters for those who find it increasingly hard to clean themselves after toileting wherever due to old age or a medical condition. 

13. iPad Shower Curtain | Bathroom gadgets

iPad shower

For the phone and gadget lovers, this see-through shower curtain never lets you miss out at any moment. You can put your device in any of the waterproof pockets and still interact with your friends, catch up on your Netflix shows and even reply to that email from Cathy in HR. It comes along with a set of built-in speakers so you can continue ‘dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower’ 

14. Roll-holder and Phone Tray

Loo roll holder with phone

Technology meets the bathroom yet again with this simple toilet paper roll holder that is designed with a small try allowing for items like phone, glasses, keys and wallets. This easy to install stainless steel device to rest while doing your business.

15. Vitamin C Shower Filter | Bathroom gadgets

DigHealth ionic shower head with vitamin

Covid-19 has forced us to look for all ways to get as many vitamins into our body as possible. Well, guess what now you can shower them! This showerhead not only increases water pressure while saving water but also has an ionic feature which helps remove chlorine, soften hard water and increase the content of vitamin C. 


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