Organized or topsy-turvy, every bedroom has a different story to tell. The bedroom is one of the only spaces in a home to be personal to its user. While one-bedroom may serve as a sanctuary cut off from the rest of the world, another may be used as a multifunctional space. 

With most of us confined to a work from home schedule during the coronavirus pandemic, the design of this personal space acquires utmost importance for its contribution to one’s physical and,  predominantly, mental health. 

Here are 15 bedroom color schemes that not only will enhance your space but also will inspire you: 

1. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are the easiest way to glam up your space especially when it comes to interiors. Accent pieces and upholstery saturated in the colors of precious stone, even in their muted avatar, give the space a sumptuous feel reflecting decadent taste. 

A bedroom color scheme featuring deep amethyst, bright turquoise, and bright ruby makes for a perfect contrasting combination.

Jewel Tones - Sheet1
Jewel Tones ©Architectural Digest
Jewel Tones - Sheet2
Jewel Tones ©Martin Cederblad
Jewel Tones - Sheet3
Jewel Tones ©

2. All-White Everything

With over 200 hues of white, there are endless design opportunities with a white bedroom color scheme. White has been used in home design for many years, as is evident in the exteriors of Greek houses and the extensive use of white marble used in Rome. 

Today, the color palette is modernized to fit a Scandinavian minimalist style characterized by simple clean lines, functionality without compromising on beauty, and lack of clutter, thus ushering in much-needed peace and quiet into one’s bedrooms.

All-White Everything - Sheet1
All White ©Marina Tshishyna
All-White Everything - Sheet2
All White ©Boom Architects
All-White Everything - Sheet3
All White ©Tomasz Ewertowski

3. Wabi-Sabi

The term ‘Wabi-Sabi’ is of Japanese origin and means finding beauty in imperfection. In design, the Wabi-Sabi concept is used to define authentic spaces that feel ‘lived-in’ or weathered. This bedroom color scheme has neutral, natural, and textured elements that celebrate the idea of imperfect and simple beauty which celebrate the passage of time. 

This Zen ideal of Wabi-Sabi, which epitomizes comfort, is naturally most suitable for bedroom design.

Wabi-Sabi - Sheet1
Wabi-Sabi ©Crate & Barrel
Wabi-Sabi - Sheet2
Wabi-Sabi ©Crate & Barrel

4. Millennial Pink

Millennial pink is the grown-up pink of interior design and fashion. A bedroom color scheme featuring the salmon hue gives the room a sense of softness and sophistication. The color can be incorporated on the walls, ceilings, or even used as accents contrasted with darker hues.

Millennial Pink - Sheet1
Millennial Pink © ZROBYM Architects
Millennial Pink - Sheet2
Millennial Pink © Viz Line Studio
Millennial Pink - Sheet3
Millennial Pink © Lanre Alao

5. Austere Black

The color black has always been a favorite among architects and designers. The notion of the color black in interior design has evolved over time from being viewed as a dark and depressing color synonymous with solemnity to one portraying elegance, power, and mystery. 

Bedrooms featuring an all-black color scheme exude drama and can be perfectly complemented with softer textures and elements.

Austere Black - Sheet1
Austere Black ©Makhno
Austere Black - Sheet2
Austere Black ©Mirror R Studio
Austere Black - Sheet3
Austere Black ©Igor Sirotov

6. Fresh Greens

From sage green to key lime green, the color subtly refreshes any interior space. A bedroom color scheme featuring greens that are used on accent pieces or that are complemented with white creates a bright, rejuvenating, and airy space. A green and black color scheme provides a clean and modern look while simultaneously serving to invigorate.

Fresh Greens - Sheet1
Fresh Greens ©Maria Nichiporenko
Fresh Greens - Sheet2
Fresh Greens ©1st Dibs
Fresh Greens - Sheet3
Fresh Greens ©Kimmy Hogan

7. Pantone Colors of the Year 2021

Pantone, the global authority on color, chose Illuminating, a sunshine yellow, and Ultimate Gray, a neutral gray, as the colors of the year for 2021. This is the second time in twenty-two years that Pantone has chosen two colors for the year, the other time being Rose Quartz and Serenity in 2016. 

The colors that seemed to have come from Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan’s Art Basel exhibit, Comedian, in 2019, have made their way into architecture and interior design.

Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 - Sheet1
Pantone Colors 2021 ©Digsdigs
Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 - Sheet2
Pantone Colors 2021 ©Digsdigs

8. Industrial

A bedroom designed in the industrial style is a great way to bring the ‘loft’ style into your home. Characterized by unfinished and raw surfaces with polished details, an industrial bedroom color scheme is defined by a neutral color palette with lots of textural elements. 

The use of unexpected materials in the form of salvaged and distressed elements infuses personality and the quality of surprise to the bedroom.

Industrial Bedroom Design ©

9. Grecian Blue

If you often find yourself dreaming of a vacation in Greece, why not bring a bit of Greece into your bedroom! The white and blue colors of the Greek flag,  reflected in the now iconic, panorama of the islands replete with organic shapes and textures, epitomizes leisure. This bedroom color scheme ushers in earthy elements, bright blues, and European elegance coupled with modern design.

Grecian Blue - Sheet1
Grecian Blue ©
Grecian Blue - Sheet2
Grecian Blue ©
Grecian Blue - Sheet3
Grecian Blue ©

10. Scandinavian Simplicity

A Scandinavian palette celebrates monochromatic shades of neutral colors mixed with textured textiles and clean lines. This bedroom color scheme exudes brightness and lightness that is typically needed in a traditional Nordic home. Color, along with minimalistic silhouettes, emphasizes Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian Simplicity - Sheet1
Scandinavian ©Fantastik Frank
Scandinavian Simplicity - Sheet2
Scandinavian ©Rikka Kantinkoski
Scandinavian Simplicity - Sheet3
Scandinavian ©

11. Mid-Century Modern

The Mid-Century Modern style was celebrated from the 1950s to 1960s. Clean lines, tapered legs, and organic shapes are characteristic of the style. But the Mid-Century Modern style is not only known for its shapes but also for its colors. Usage of saturated accent colors combined with neutral darker tones and limiting the number of colors to three or four is its signature style. 

Although minimalist in nature, it also explores bright colors and bold patterns Vibrant leathery orange, woodsy brown, and deep blues are quintessential to this style.

Mid-Century Modern - Sheet1
Mid-Century Modern ©
Mid-Century Modern - Sheet2
Mid-Century Modern ©

12. Bohemian 

The Bohemian style is free-spirited, nomadic, and multicultural. A bedroom with a bohemian color scheme is perfect for the aspiring traveler. Characterized by unconventional, bright, and artsy focal pieces with a warm neutral backdrop, and pops of botanicals, this style is very harmonious with a sense of organized chaos. The colors used are often earthy and deep and sometimes flanked with saturated accents.

Bohemian  - Sheet1
Bohemian ©Marisa Vitale
Bohemian  - Sheet2
Bohemian ©

13. Brutalist

Although Brutalist design celebrates the grey hues of concrete and a bedroom color scheme using brutalism is far from dull. While the color palette ranges from deep grays to ash, raw materials, textured surfaces, and strong silhouettes make the space have a sense of grandeur.

Brutalist - Sheet1
Brutalist ©Vincent Van Duysen
Brutalist - Sheet2
Brutalist ©Hey Cheese
Brutalist - Sheet3
Brutalist ©

14. Rustic

Rustic design is often raw, textured, moody, and has a vintage beauty. The colors of reclaimed wood or stone dominate the style. To modernize the look and feel of the space wrought iron metalwork is used as accents. Rustic bedrooms prioritize comfort, celebrate natural forms of materials and cozy textures.

Rustic - Sheet1
Rustic ©Jose Olmedo
Rustic - Sheet2
Rustic ©

15. Tropical Vacation

If you’ve got a vacation on your mind without having your flights booked, try turning your bedroom into a tropical getaway. A bedroom color scheme that draws from the natural elements of vegetation, the sky, and the ocean combined with tropical elements like wicker, bamboo, rattan, and fresh botanicals will transport you to a relaxed and calm holiday spot.

Tropical Vacation - Sheet1
Tropical Vacation ©Oly Studio
Tropical Vacation - Sheet2
Tropical Vacation ©Chris Warnes

Rashmi Nair is an architect, interior designer, and fashion illustrator who is an ardent lover of all things design. She strives to be sustainable in design and life and strongly believes in the ‘Less is More’ idealogy. She enjoys exploring museums, reading, making lists, and a hot cup of coffee