Particular Interior design project consists of an office space design with the staff capacity of 20 people & a meeting room. It is located at Adajan, Surat, Gujarat. The respected client bought an old office space in one of the commercial complexes of the neighbourhood, in which they were intended to get a healthy work environment with a touch of informal vibes.

Project Name- Rollscoax Office
Studio Name- BM Associates

ROLLSCOAX OFFICE by BM associates-Sheet2
©BM Associates

Having a constraint on design flexibility & budget, the architects came up with an idea to play with minimum materials & colours only. At the end of the process the space was delivered with maximum amount of space utility & aesthetics.


The entire carpet has been divided in 3 major spaces. Waiting area, Main cabin & a Staff area. As one approaches the office, they enter into a waiting area where they’re greeted by the Lord Krishna’s mural & artifacts. The waiting is directly connected to the main cabin and staff area so that an employee may approach the visitor or client with their needs.

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©BM Associates

The staff area is placed near all 3 large windows for maximum daylight & ventilation. The main cabin at the core of the space provides a closed space for client meetings, interviews & conferences. The panelling with a hidden door has been used to camouflage the entrance for pantry & toilet area.

Informal Function:

The east facing floor space & 3 large windows of the office multiplies the amount of daylight all throughout the day. A long running sitting ledge with storage has been provided to all the three windows which acts as the informal corner of the office fulfilling the client’s requirements. These sittings provide an exceptional view of the city on one side & lush green, highly dense mango trees on the other side. The users may use these ledges for reading, gossiping, discussion, tea-break, during lunchtime etc. Luckily due to immediate context on outside the entire office space gets immense amount of indirect natural daylight all throughout the office hours.


ROLLSCOAX OFFICE by BM associates-Sheet5
©BM Associates

Colours & Materials:

The colour & material selections were one of the crucial the task of the process due to budget constraint & also because it highly affects the work environment energy. To amalgamate the informal & formal vibe together, the architects came up with an idea of having 2 laminates only in all throughout the design. The wooden laminate provides a bit of warm touch where else the grey laminate is used to create a formal & modest aesthetics.

Once a person enters the office space, the baby blue colour in the waiting area makes him/her calm from the hectic city noises and encourages them for a healthy work start. The ceiling in the staff area has been intentionally kept muted with white in colour but a bit of drama has been provided with the use of warm cove lightings & groove lines.


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