The aim of the project is to expand an apartment inside a small building built in the middle of the last century, in an outer district of Cuneo.

Typology: extension
Location: Cuneo, Italia
Year: 2020
Area: 40 mq
Architects : Studio 3Mark (arch. Michele Cassino arch. Manuela Rosso)
Photographs: Oscar Bernelli

Extra Room by Studio 3Mark - Sheet6
©Oscar Bernelli

Before the intervention the apartment was connected to a large garden through an uncovered and free terrace on three sides, which was closed by a new volume to create an extra room which will be used by the whole family to make the everyday life more comfortable .

The extension makes an extra living space to the house, a living area to sit or rest, opening the apartment to the garden thanks to the large window to the west and the new covered terrace to the south.

Extra Room by Studio 3Mark - Sheet7
©Oscar Bernelli

The space is split on two different levels because we wanted to widen the surface towards the garden while keeping track of the old terrace, so that the extension create a bench flush with the floor that can be used to sit and look at the skyline of Cuneo, as well as give the possibility to direct access to the garden from the new room.

Extra Room by Studio 3Mark - Sheet9
©Oscar Bernelli

The new volume is a white prism, white plastered walls and light gray sheet metal roof, on which the black sheet inlays that frame the windows and which, in addition to protecting them, in the case of the large window also has a double function as a step to go down to the garden and as a bench to sit on.


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