The client was a young entrepreneur who wanted a house where she could completely relax and feel at home. The client had no design constraints nor any personal impositions. This bold hued and highly-textural house has the impressions of freedom and containment; of shelter and openness.

AREA: 6850 SQ.FT.
Location: Bangalore
Photo Credits: Bharat Ramruthan

Canpoy Penthouse by Annkur Khosla Design Studio - Sheet5
©Bharat Ramruthan

The house is inspired by a walk in the woods with it’s amazing character of trees with monstrous hanging roots, branches, foliage– all varied assemblage. Nature has the quality of randomness, raw, sculptural and yet it invokes in the person a very conflicting dimension between the urban and natural life. The canopies or pavilions are interpreted at various spurts as non-predictable intrusions in the space as to alter the density of the plantation. The boldness in color depicts the serenity and ferocity of nature rich in hue and texture.

Canpoy Penthouse by Annkur Khosla Design Studio - Sheet7
©Bharat Ramruthan

The living area has an encirclement of a large carved bark acting as shelving accessed through the various levels of the staircase. The thin steel railing moving along the passage with diminishing distances represent the hanging roots of the tree. This section flows into the den, which has a wooden maze sculpture continuing our narration of our nature inspired idea. The informal seating is with an artistic bench envisioned by us with a semblance of fabric being pulled from the wall. The Dear Ingo spider chandelier by Ron Gilad lingers above the cedar wood table and antelope leather belt chairs in red from Designwerks. The New York skyline wallpaper and V shaped bookshelf was custom created by the design studio. In the living room, the underside of the staircase is hand painted by artist Saibabu.

Canpoy Penthouse by Annkur Khosla Design Studio - Sheet
©Bharat Ramruthan

Surrounded by Oak clad walls in the master boudoir, the four poster bed crafted, geometrically translates leaves of the palm. The sculptural wooden chair in front of the woven jute curtains is also one of our designs. The washroom is layered with grey Italian marble with the mirror sandwiched in a sliding window. The Jeeves bowler hat light rests above the black polished granite hand carved washbasin overlooking the terrace.
In the guest room, the Stratton bed from Pottery Barn has an installation of painted oak wood members above it, creating a semblance of a canopy. Flanked against the wall, the clouds are designed with turquoise metal stools which were sourced from an antique store in SoHo.

Canpoy Penthouse by Annkur Khosla Design Studio - Sheet8
©Bharat Ramruthan

In this chromatic city loft, a large lounger and distinctive wallpaper separate the TV and dining areas. The most unique feature is the bookshelf that conceals itself as part of the staircase, accessible through each level.


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