This is a unique modern design for a shopping center with hotel extension in the old city center of Lviv, Ukraine. The main difficulty and the main condition of the architectural competition the project took part in was to harmoniously fit the new building into the established historical environment, without resorting to imitation of authentic 19th century architecture.

Studio Name: Magus Architects
Design Team: Max Gakh, Maryana Kaplinska, Hanna Semko
Area: 4000 m²
Year: 2020
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Photography and other credits: Magus Architects

Doroshenka by Magus Architects - Sheet3
©Magus Architects

Proposed building volume is seamlessly blended into the historical surrounding combining classical proportions with modern facade solutions and aesthetics. In addition, the public transport stop located in front of the building played an important role in the planning of the first floor. An open gallery was allocated for it, which significantly increased the area of public space.

Doroshenka by Magus Architects - Sheet4
©Magus Architects

The first two floors are dedicated to the shopping center. The following occupy hotel rooms. Two spacious rooftop decks are provided for the hotel guests to have a drink, socialize and enjoy their stay in downtown Lviv. Large round skylights provide additional lighting for the mall’s atrium. Also, the project includes a conference hall and underground parking as well as a spacious sky lounge with a view of the panorama of Lviv city center.

Doroshenka by Magus Architects - Sheet6
©Magus Architects

For facade cladding large-sized sandstone slabs were chosen, which is a typical material for the historical architecture of Lviv. Round dark columns, similar to those used in the public transport stop area, were typical of the architecture of the interwar functionalism of the 1920s and 1930s. In addition, a lot of facade greenery was used to compensate for the lack of trees in the busy Doroshenko Street.


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