When the owner of Karnav Floors and Doors approached us, he was very clear about wanting a design solution that’d do justice to their wide range of products in a very tiny space, and we delivered.

Project Name: Door Maze
Studio Name: ACad Studio

Door Maze by ACad Studio - Sheet5
©ACad Studio


There is evidently no stronger sense than touch, especially when it comes to interiors and materials, so having to deal with a tiny space of 600sqft and a wide range of products to be put on display, the team at ACad Studio came up with the idea of creating a maze, a highly engaging space that allows you to walk through a maze of their products, doors opening up to new spaces, flooring changing while you walk along the spaces and while at it, the customer/visitor is forced to touch and feel the products which incorporates 12 different door designs and more than 40 flooring designs.

Hence, the name “The Door Maze”.

Door Maze by ACad Studio - Sheet7
©ACad Studio


Although coming up with the concept of a maze was exciting enough in itself, functionality of such a tiny space also played a very important role in the design process. A maze couldn’t have been taken quite literally; our objective was to display our products and not perplex our clients. So, to create a space that would be highly engaging, a decision was made on creating six pods, formed by the opening and closing of doors. The planning was done in such a way that, once you enter through the fancy glass showroom entrance you will get into this maze of doors and flooring materials with each section also serving a purpose.

The first pod is the entry to the maze, and the first door takes you to the reception area wherein you see more doors to choose from and access the next pod. Once you are through and reach the end of the showroom, it holds a selection tray with a range of door options to choose from and all the pods in between, serving their purpose of displaying products and house seatings which then doubles up as private meeting rooms for clients.

Door Maze by ACad Studio - Sheet9
©ACad Studio

The well thought interiors and display of material is done in ways that only complimenting designs and patterns run in a specific pod making the spaces more interesting and not heavy on the eye.

Since it was designed during the Pandemic, another thought that went into this design was the idea of creating those pods as small spaces so that they wouldn’t house more than three people at once, limiting the number of people gathering and making it a covid friendly.

The final product that we see now not only delivers what the client wanted, but also in itself creates a masterpiece, a maze, functional spaces and appealing interiors.


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