The new science museum on the Wanchuang campus will be a striking landmark in Nanchangs Ganjiang district. Located on the corner of two main roads, it marks the entrance to the Wanchuang future technologies campus.

Studio Name: INBO International
Design Team: Mark Dekker, Wenli Pan, Buwei Jin, Zhan Wang, Jihong Duan, Joan Rufián Pujol, Elmar van Cleynenbreugel
Area: 4,500m2
Year:  2020-2022
Location:  Nanchang, China

Science museum in Nanchang by INBO International - Sheet7
©INBO International

Its initial shape is derived from pedestrian flow analysis and the aim to have clear views from the main roads to the central square of the campus. The first two floors offer exhibition spaces, the top two floors provide conference facilities with rooms ranging from 10-200 people. The two functions are still visible, but melted together and wrapped with an elegant skin.

Science museum in Nanchang by INBO International - Sheet8
©INBO International

The main entrance square in front of the museum will be used as a space for outdoor events. The ‘grande stairs’ is an extention of the public space and includes not only covered outdoor seating for events, as well as a public route to the 3rd floor terrace. The outdoor routing allows every floor to have its own entrance, which maximizes flexibility for future uses.

©INBO International

The skin consists of rotating aluminium panels, which have been programmed and engineered with the latest parametric design techniques to limit the amount of panel types and minimize waste. The skin pattern follows the logic of the window openings and guarantee day-light, views and transparency when needed.


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