Entrance group and halls of the business center “Ermak” Novocherkassk. 2019 year.

The objectives of this project were to develop “from scratch” the concept of a new business center “Ermak”. Its names, corporate identity and interiors.

Studio name: Mikheev.interior
Project team: Dmitry Mikheev, Ilya Mikheev, Anatoly Buchaka
Year: 2019
Location: Russia, Rostov region, Novocherkassk
Construction company: SBK
Photographers: Mikheev Ilya, Denisyuk Evgeny

Ermak by Mikheev.interior - Sheet5
©Mikheev Ilya, Denisyuk Evgeny

First of all, a modern spacious interior of the entrance hall with a vestibule, a reception area, and soft waiting areas was implemented.

Ermak by Mikheev.interior - Sheet6
©Mikheev Ilya, Denisyuk Evgeny

The elevator hall was decorated with a large-format LED screen visualizing the main idea and philosophy of the business center: ecology and purity of nature.

Ermak by Mikheev.interior - Sheet9
©Mikheev Ilya, Denisyuk Evgeny

Minimalistic design, lighting technologies, mirror surfaces create an atmosphere of modern technological and at the same time comfortable space.


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