The exhibition “Saint Etienne, a Grammar of Forms” takes place in the Great Sink room of Saint-Etienne’s Mine Museum, and adapts to the pre-existing furniture of the former mine.

studio name: Atelier 1:1
design team: Henry Flouzat & Clara Lamerre
area: scenography
year: 2021
location: Musée de la Mine – Puits Couriot, Saint-Etienne, France
exhibition curator : Marie-Caroline Janand & Danielle Méaux
scenography : Atelier 1:1
graphic design : Erwann Terrier
carpentry : Brunon Menuiserie
prints : Pacoret
photography Credits: Atelier1un

Museum of Saint-Etienne by Atelier 11 - Sheet4

The benches of the “hanged men’s” room for instance make an interesting prop for hanging photographs.

Museum of Saint-Etienne by Atelier 11 - Sheet5

The studio designed clothes valets to present the photgraphes of Jordi Ballesta, Guillaume Bonnel and Eric Tabuchi, propped against the benches with adjustable height and inclination.


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