39 steel frames 22.45 meters high and 22.65 meters wide, arranged equidistantly along 91 meters and made up of 145×25 cm tubular elements, save the interior space they generate to avoid pillars in response to our goal of achieving a building with a great internal flexibility that allows a wide variety of distributions.

Studio Name: JAAM
Design Team: Ander Marquet Ryan, Juncal Aldamizechevarría, June Gómez Alonso
Area: 10.629 m2
Year: 2015
Location: Campus de la Universidad del País Vasco / Leioa / Bizkaia
Consultants: Minteguia y Bilbao (estructura) / Inova (ingeniería)
Photography Credits: Jorge Allende, JAAM
Drawings: JAAM

Animal Biotecnology Center by JAAM - Sheet5
©Jorge Allende

The enclosures arranged inside the porticos end up defining a regular and powerful volumetry, with ever-changing lights and shadows, the result of a structure that protects the interior from the sun and is also a solid and definitive image of the Biotechnology Center.

Animal Biotecnology Center by JAAM - Sheet6
©Jorge Allende

The building is located in the recently created Science Park of the University of the Basque Country and will be used for research in biosciences and biomedicine. It has two basement floors, four floors above ground and a technical floor on the roof.

Animal Biotecnology Center by JAAM - Sheet8
©Jorge Allende

Inside it will house specialized laboratories and spaces for research groups as well as a series of common areas to support these main uses.


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