The project idea born from the desire  to create a building strongly characterized and recognizable but at the same time integrated and in harmony with the character of the city and the area context.

Location: Regensburg, Germany
Project: Carlo Berarducci Architecture, Modo Studio, Fabi Architekten
Project team: Carlo Berarducci, Fabio Cibinel, Roberto Laurenti, Giorgio Martocchia
Project leader: Carlo Berarducci
Colaboratores: Luigi Filetici, Marco Folchi, Rossella Lanari, Maria Leporelli
Local Architect: Fabi Architecten

New Bavarian History Museum. Regendburg by Carlo Berarducci Architect - Sheet4
©Carlo Berarducci Architect

We then thought of a very concise volume, with a simple geometry, and therefore very strong. A single large pitched roof starting from the ground, inspired by the great roofs of the cathedrals , or the buildings or salt of the traditional Bavaria, but contemporary in design and state of the art in construction .

We then thought about the tradition of the beergardens and the gardens along the Danube bank where young people gather under the trees to get together and play on holidays.

New Bavarian History Museum. Regendburg by Carlo Berarducci Architect - Sheet5
©Carlo Berarducci Architect

We therefore wanted to combine these two traditions and synthesize them in a building with an elemental form and therefore highly recognizable but perfectly integrated between the buildings of the historic center of the city ‘ .

A tree wooden structure supports the roof leaving exposed the warping and branching of the beams outside, enclosing a single large nave under the two parallel rows of trees inside. The effect is at the same time that of a double row of trees along the river and a large roof of the Bavarian tradition.

The volume of the museum placed parallel to the river is well integrated in the context of the city , on the one hand camouflaging behind the line of trees along the river, and on the other filling the void in the urban fabric construction with a roof inspired by the historical buildings of the city.

New Bavarian History Museum. Regendburg by Carlo Berarducci Architect - Sheet6
©Carlo Berarducci Architect

The two great souls of Bavarian culture , the urban one with medieval origin, and the rural and romantic one summarized in a building with a clear and contemporary iconic power .

The building consists of a large volume with a triangular section as long as the entire extent of the area along the Danube placed parallel to the river as the roofs of buildings of salt, and three simple volumes with flat roof, placed orthogonal to it, going between the existing buildings in the inner part of the area, with different width and height up reconstructing the continuity of the built on the street front.

The large volume enclosed by the groundwater contains all museum spaces , the spaces of temporary and permanent exhibitions and a full-height foyer located in the vicinity of the bridge and open towards the center of the city.

The three volumes that grow perpendicularly behind the triangular volume of the museum contain the Bavariathek with archives and administrative offices and a restaurant on the top floor, the double-height space of the showroom in the intermediate volume, and magazines and technical spaces and service in the third volume .

©Carlo Berarducci Architect

The structure of the Bavariathek and the first two levels of the museum is built by reinforced concrete slabs supported by load-bearing walls and columns in reinforced concrete . The volume of  the museum is instead surrounded by a wood frame gable. The resulting shape functions monolithically as a shell structure that greatly improve the structural performance of the wood. The spaces between the backbone of the tree are filled , left open or glazed according to the needs of interior space . Completely opaque in the spaces of the permanent exhibitions , glazed on the top level where are the spaces of the “Bavaria Sky”, left without plugging at the end in a space in open air , where enjoy the view of the city under the  “Bavaria Sky”.


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