Planning to renovate your house by getting it painted? If yes, then here’s what you need to know.

Colors play an essential role not only in our homes but in every sphere. But do you think choosing a color for your house is so accessible? No, you must select a color for your bedroom, living room and other home parts. But it’s not just that because the color palette consists of several color combinations, and choosing the best is a big task.

Professionals say that colors are somewhere associated with our emotions, but do you know about this? If not, don’t worry; here, you will be able to gather brief information regarding colors associated with the emotions chart. But before you understand which color is associated with what mind of emotion, it is essential to understand what color psychology is.

Color psychology is based on the emotional and mental effects of colors in an individual’s life. The concept of color psychology is not only theoretical but also proven to be right in most cases. Depending on their culture, perception and other factors, things might differ from person to person.

Categories of colors

Do you know the different categories of colors in which you can divide them based on their psychological effect? In this part of the blog, you will be able to gain knowledge about the two major categories of colors: warm and cool.

Warm colors

Do you know which color falls under the category of warm color? Orange, yellow and red are some examples of warm colors. These kinds of colors can lead to various types of emotions that might range from warmth and comfort to anger and hospitality.

Are you a calorie counter? If so, avoid getting your kitchen or dining area painted orange because it stimulates your appetite. Colors like yellow and orange are too bright, and you might find it irritating looking at them in your home all the time.

Cool colors

Colors like green, purple, and blue fall under the category of Cool colors. These kinds of colors create a feeling of sadness as well as calmness.

Have you ever thought about the most creative color? It is purple, which has an outstanding balance of red and blue and encourages creativity. While a lighter shade of purple creates a surrounding which might help release your tension and provide you with peace. These are the reasons why people choose to have purple colors in offices as well as homes.

If you want a restful environment through the color of your wall, choosing blue or green would be a better idea. Do you know that it is scientifically proven as well? So, if you want a relaxing bedroom, choosing a blue color would help you attain a calm and restful area.

Understanding colors and emotions related to them

Every color has a different effect on individuals. Because of this, it is always suggested to be relatively more particular while choosing the perfect set of colors.

Have you ever tried to take help from the color emotion chart? If not, then you must try it for guidance purposes. Here, you will be able to gather a brief knowledge regarding the kind of emotion a particular color portrays.

Red: Red color falls under the category of warm color, and it portrays emotions like love, passion, warmth, intensity, comfort, aggression, energy, gentleness, blood, and life.

Orange: Spiritual, joyful, happy, playful, cheap, energetic, stimulating, exciting, enthusiasm, warmth, wealth, prosperity, and change. Orange is also a part of warm color, so you get such strong emotions through it.

Yellow: The color yellow is a kind of warm color which portrays emotions like happiness, friendliness, optimism, warning, laughter, cheery, attention-getting, and intensity.

Green: Natural, stable, prosperous, growth, harmony, tranquility, creativity, calm, money, and health. Green is also a part of the warm colors category.

Blue: This color portrays serenity, trustworthiness, inviting, loyalty, wisdom, calmness, coldness, uncaring, focus, and unappetizing.

Purple: Purple falls under the category of cool colors, and it portrays emotions such as luxury, mystery, romance, respect, wisdom, sophistication, royalty, wealth, exotic, and spirituality.

Pink: Pink comes under the cool colors category, and the different kinds of emotions that it portrays are feminine, young, innocent, love, calming, gentle, romantic, and agitation.

Black: The color black is neither a warm nor an excellent color. Instead, it is a neutral color. It portrays powerful, sophisticated, edgy, evil, intelligent and sad emotions.

White: White falls in the category of neutral colors, and it portrays emotions like cleanness, virtue, healthy, purity, and neutrality.


Now that you have gained detailed knowledge about the color and the emotions related to them make sure to apply this in your life. This color emotion chart can help you attain a perfect surrounding for yourself, so if you want to have something more passionate and leads to having a little extra. If you want something that looks pure and healthy and promotes peace, then you should go with a color like white. At the same time, dining then gets your dining hall painted orange.


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