The diamond-shaped diagram bundles four product groups and incorporates an existing concrete column of the exhibition hall into the composition.

Studio Name: ARCHIV_architecture & Interior design
Design Team: Ralf Van der Donck (Architecture) & Carmen Cattoir (Interior design)
Area: Belgium
Year: 2016
Location: Light & Building Frankfurt Germany
Consultants: Publiganda Belgium
Photography Credits: Publiganda Belgium
Other Credits: Supermodular Belgium

Modular Light&Building by ARCHIV_architecture & Interior design - Sheet5
©Publiganda Belgium

A further interpretation of the zoning consists of the desk that is set up separately but clearly visible in its own demarcated space and two access zones. The counter is part of the largest access zone and can mainly be illuminated with luminaires from the Retail segment of Supermodular, making the desk part of the exhibition.

Modular Light&Building by ARCHIV_architecture & Interior design - Sheet6
©Publiganda Belgium

The different product groups and functions are present separately as part but at the same time bundled as one whole.

By lighting up the corners of the walls, passage is created. Beam and wall in one. Open & at the same time enclosed.

Openings in the walls frame the company logos or act as a display case and offer insight from the corridors.

Modular Light&Building by ARCHIV_architecture & Interior design - Sheet8
©Publiganda Belgium

The lounge is the most private space but is in contact with the environment due to a partly open ceiling and the raised walls.

A second side entrance allows smooth circulation diagonally across the stand.

The wall surfaces are additionally provided with a shadow drawing in which the pavilion depicts both light and shadow. Photographs of Frieke Janssens depict a surreël atmosphere, own to Belgian heritage.


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