The new MICAS (Malta International Contemporary Art Space) is part of the process of the renovation of the whole fortress area in Floriana, La Valletta, that aims to be a cultural pole, enhancing its unique identity and attracting artists and tourists all year long.

Studio Name: Ipostudio Architetti
Architectural design, exhibit and gallery specialist: Carlo Terpolilli, IPOSTUDIO ARCHITETTI, Florence, Italy
Client: The Central Government Authority, Restoration Directorate Area: 2700 sqm (Gross floor area), 3000sqm (external area)
Year: design 2017-2018, construction 2020-in progress Location: Floriana, Malta


Structure design: ing. Niccolò De Robertis, AEI PROGETTI, Florence, Italy
Engineering consultant building service engineer: ing. Victor Bonello, b.NEL, Msida, Malta Project manager and system integrator: arch. Hermann Bonnici, Attard, Malta
Consultant to implementing agency: EMDP Ltd, Mosta, Malta
Photography Credits: rendering Ipostudio Architetti, under construction photography Pietro Savorelli

Malta International Contemporary Art Space by Ipostudio Architetti - sheet4
©Ipostudio architetti

The design proposes the realization of a big roof that could unify the scattered elements of the site, becoming an iconic element for the new MICAS space. The imposing structure under construction – roof that becomes façade and vice versa – will highlight the contemporary character of the intervention, which will be able to dialogue with the existing monument.

Malta International Contemporary Art Space by Ipostudio Architetti - sheet7
©Ipostudio architetti

This structure, as if suspended over the rampart, becomes a luminous and iconic sign for Floriana’s cultural identity, covering a space that is metamorphic, variable and dynamic, just like the contemporary art it deals with.

Malta International Contemporary Art Space by Ipostudio Architetti - sheet9
©Ipostudio architetti

The space is conceived to offer maximum flexibility and adaptability to the functions required: exhibitions, artistic performances or events.


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