Cummins Technical Centre India is planned on a 16-acre site, which is part of a larger 67-acre campus owned by Cummins in Dahanukar Colony, Pune. The existing site included a research & development building complete with test cells, laboratories, and offices. The design brief stressed on demolishing all but the test cells.

Project Name: Cummins Technical Centre
Studio Name: Venkataramanan Associates
Location: Pune, India
Photography: Harshan Thomson

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Cummins Technical Centre India by Venkataramanan Associates - Sheet1
Waiting Lounge ©Harshan Thomson

As a global leader in engines, Cummins demanded the architecture of its new research facility to be a carrier of the brand’s high standard of excellence. Keeping with the requirement of retaining the test cells, the entire facility was planned as one cohesive unit encouraging movement across departments.

The test cells were thus designed at the core of the building, while offices and laboratories surround them. The external façade of the building reflects Cummins’ vision and follows a futuristic approach, pertinent to the high-tech environment.

Cummins Technical Centre India by Venkataramanan Associates - Sheet2
Exterior View ©Harshan Thomson

Featuring a 120,000 square-foot VS1 facade of glass and terracotta, the geometrically complex wall is the largest faceted wall in the world. Concrete columns form a structure of slanting surfaces on the façade, with grey tile cladding on the support and strips of glazing in between.

The main reception area is expansive enough to accommodate the movement of upto 2000 people at a time. An information desk, an experience center for visitors, rooms for vendor meetings, visitors’ lounge areas, a small pantry, and restrooms are some of the facilities provided in this area.

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Cummins Technical Centre India by Venkataramanan Associates - Sheet3
Workstation ©Harshan Thomson

A canopy, made of Aluminium composite panels and clay tile cladding, covers the main reception area. The main reception and the two southern receptions to the facility have air-locked entrances freeing the environment of dust and sound.

Green spines run across the building, adding a touch of natural freshness, and form an integral element of the building. These spines are landscaped at the ground floor level and pedestrian walkways are planned around it. Skylights further grace this atrium and the rest of the office with ample natural light. The duality of a dynamic exterior façade coupled with minimalistic interiors is reflective of Cummins’ corporate social image and value.


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