The Project “Urban Entertainment Centre” was taken up as a challenge to Design a place of Assuagement for people living in the Urban Jungles of Concrete. A place which comprises of spaces which are multidisciplinary as well as specific in Function.

Project Name: Urban Entertainment Centre
Axiom Design Studio
Location: Proposed Project Of Noida, Sector-32
Project Type:

©Axiom Design Studio

The idea was to create a modern concept of Urban Markets rooted in all the ideologies of traditional concepts of design. The nature state of system changes overtime. The change in the paradigm of this project was a well thought off ideology that the project has been derived through.

The strategically organised spaces create multiple zones which lead to the implementation of idea of openness in the project. These spaces being inspiring and accessible. But be warned – public does not mean predictable. They offer places that add extraordinary elements to the project.

The design offers people a blissful moment of relief from their busy lives; abstract Building style and site coordination  coupled with striking elements of surprise  guides  the eye through a stimulating visual adventure and invigorate an experience that would otherwise be completely mundane.

©Axiom Design Studio

The function served by the building let to development of the thought that the Place should be reachable from every corner of the city and yet be at a prominent Location. And thus SEZ in Noida was selected right in the centre of the busiest cities reachable from all means of transport.

The building has been designed as a series of vivid Experiences, Greeting people with a giant Wheel i.e. up to 60 m high to provide the visitor with moment of awe and desire to see more With The view of whole city over and enjoyment of Aquarium Under it.

The very evident Play of landscaping over the Aquarium Catches the eye which slightly shift to yet another Facet that controls the micro Climate I.e. the Lagoon in the centre which is the USP of the project micro managing the climate and providing natural aid to the modern concepts, The well-ventilated area is the extension of the vernacular concepts transformed with technology to provide the extreme of comfort.

©Axiom Design Studio

Where Providing Fountains and water screens not only enhances he beauty but also makes the Urban Street Experience exemplary. Aesthetically Pleasing, functionally viable and architecturally Important this feature adds to the very strength of the Project. The Set of Buildings is covered by parametrically designed semi Covered Roof which connects all the Buildings Blocks Together and is fashioned in a flowery pattern to resonate with the site.

The Building is designed as Place of leisure ,so Pockets of social Gathering spaces have been introduces at Calculated Intervals to Boast the theme of the Project topping which is the centrally Placed Open amphitheatre which is  surrounded by  the Urban market Designed such that it becomes the focal Point of the project.

©Axiom Design Studio

The large Plaza offers various views and vistas comprising Connecting bridges, fountains, contemporarily fashioned air punctures, strategically planned traffic and immaculately done Landscaping which outstands the project. While talking about the Project from Point of view of a cityscape it is a landmark Projects done as the largest commercial hub in Asia with features internationally accepted.


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