The UN, the most important and multilateral institution of Planet Earth, lives and survives with the proportional contribution to its wealth by each of the 193 member states and with specific donations. Thanks to the generous donation of the state of Qatar, the XIX Hall of the United Nations in Geneva has been completely renewed with the project of the PEIA architectural firm.

Project Name: New Conference ROOM XIX
Studio Name: Peia Associati
Project Architect Principal: Giampiero Peia
Partner: Marta Nasazzi
Project team PEIA Associati – Milan/Doha: Giampiero Peia, Marta Nasazzi, Ludovico Maestri, Alberto Maisano, Marta Dituri, Andrea Pietro Mori, Pia Panosh, Katerina Dimova, Ilaria Baudino, Hiba Alnemer
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: AI Group – Enzio Bestazzi
Structure: Studio Badolato
General contractor: CCM – Italy
Floor Area: 4.000 sqm
Location: ONU in Geneva (UNOG) – Switzerland

©️Peia Associati

The capacity of the new Hall is 800 seats, with 320 seats and desks for the delegates of the States, plus same number of assistants, as well as observers and the press, making this Hall for Assemblies of 4000 square meters, the largest room and with the most advanced technology of the UN. The architectural design reflects the ideals of  the  United  Nations  through  its  concentric  and  radial  circular  design  that exemplifies the concept of equality. Instead of large counters with different radius, a single and equal module of desk is designed for each member to be aggregated to others in according with the geometry of the different radius rows, in order to promote individuality and identity of nations, and at the same time express the strength of the union as one body to solve together the world problems.

©️Peia Associati

The United Nations confirms the achievement of the goal as per initial request: to build the ideal matrix of any conference room, a model for any future project for the United Nations. This democratic tool allows to minimize maintenance and energy consumption and maximize sustainability and flexibility. The key features of this space are its ability to provide most seats and wheelchair accessibility, being the first room equipped with 10 simultaneous translation booths including, first in the world, a booth dedicated to the interpreters of the sign language, establishing new standards of inclusiveness in the organization.

©️Peia Associati

The room is equipped with high-definition screens enhanced by a state-of-the-art lighting system and the largest 4K LEDwall, guaranteeing the highest technological levels  for  communication.  The  individual 400  audio  and  video  monitors  are equipped with state-of-the-art translation systems, providing the most sophisticated tool for exchanging dialogues between all nations. The Room XIX, or Hall of Qatar, (the “donated” rooms are traditionally called even by the name of the donor country) is equipped with new high-definition motorized cameras and a new sophisticated communication system. Thus, for the first time, a UHD system enables the best image quality of the assemblies and conferences.


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