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Second Award | Product Design

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Participant  Name: Nakshi Shah

University: Balwant Sheth College Of Architecture

Country : India


Traditionally, painters have to undergo so much of pain carrying various stuff like easel  , colours, canvas etc..etc.. and  what not!!!! Being painter myself, I have gone through all these agonies plus hours of standing and painting..which sometimes drains you out!!!! So here is the product, I have designed to solve the problems and facilitate them to concentrate entirely on painting , the very essence of their being…!! I call it ‘Ease-l’ .  As it has many features for making it easy for the painters. It is completely foldable, light and portable. Some unique features are it has a 180 degree tilt able board and telescopic legs which can be extended up to the height of 4 feet. It has a canvas dispenser whereby a canvas  can be pulled from the compartment. It has  a specially designed drawer to accommodate brushes and colour tube. It has specially placed hand support to paint at various heights and corners of the wet canvas. It slides and tightens at a certain distance from the canvas to avoid any damage to the painting. Most importantly, it has a folding seat which can be used to sit and paint after a certain hours of standing. Just reduce the height of the telescopic legs , unfold the seat and paint without disturbing the vision. It gives you exact vision without any compromise. This product is made out of aluminium sections which reduce the weight and cost, compared to wooden easels available in the market  The product, featured here, is of 30″ X 25″ and weighs 7.60 kilograms. This can be customised for kids and teenagers to reduce the weight cost further. So it is you, subject and the Ease-l.

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