First Award | Product Design

Venom Table

This is an experimental product design towards more high-performance and high-tech detailed product of atmosphere and affect. The design approach involves the advanced and extreme integration and scaled development of deformation.

Participant  Name: Aries Cheng
University: University of Hong Kong
Country : Hong Kong

Initiated from a structural minimal surface module, how extreme can it be deformed yet maintain the structural ability?

A modular surface is formed by three types of modules repetitively to create a gradient of porosity then apply a series of deformation testing to explore the possibilities. Through the deformation explorations, I tried to systemize the transformation behavior to gain control and create varied porosity and pattern from the surface to achieve a fine and delicate structural table stand with a sense of aggressiveness, as well as expressing the aesthetic of sophistication.

Turning the deformed surface structure to a table stand with a clear glass on top would make it function, and would be the best way to expose the beauty of the structure to all angles.

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