Situated in the prime area of Vadodara the restaurant with 1600 sqft. area on ground focuses to encompass the ecology and built form of the space through modern aspects based on vibrant aesthetics, and functionality to derive architectural and interior balance in limited budget.

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Project title – keshav kutir Restaurant
Architect : Manoj Patel Design Studio
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Completion Year : june 2018
Design Team : Manoj Patel, Shivani Tamboli, Ajay Prajapati, Nirmal Arapada
Photographer : Tejas Shah
Text :  Aishwarya Gupte
Material : Diy corrugated metal sheet

keshav kutir Restaurant By Manoj Patel Design Studio - Sheet1Experiencing the visual profile of the facade and characteristic of the space the interiors evolve through unimagined ways giving a sense of relatedness to the 16 years old legacy of the restaurant. The designing team transforms this erstwhile space through combinations of contemporary concepts with abstract aesthetics of bold triangular geometry through lighter and brighter space interiors which create warm as well as welcoming feel.

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keshav kutir Restaurant By Manoj Patel Design Studio - Sheet2The space is inspired by utilization of economical and reusable materials that help in facilitating the flexibility to expand or relocate the space in future. Further it also focuses on arrangements of seatings with comfortable dinning space with over head lamps and integrated colorful corrugated sheets creating a visual delight to the visitors inside.

The innovative use also emphasis on various joinery details to play overlapping materials and patterns with subtle yet colorful approach.

keshav kutir Restaurant By Manoj Patel Design Studio - Sheet4Soothing climate and position of the sun as design consideration a North facing entry has been adopted to minimize heat conduction through metal façade. As an addition a waste thermocol roofing has been installed to make hot air escape from top.

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keshav kutir Restaurant By Manoj Patel Design Studio - Sheet6

In order to achieve the unique identity of this design the team introduces a place full of visitors to enjoy modern restaurant that targets use of bold triangles with bright lighting defining a sense of connectivity with furniture and overall atmosphere.


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022