The design brief was to create an architectural environment  based on the knowledge extracted from studying the Jellyfish Aeqoria Victoria. The Research comprised model and drawing studies of luminescence, locomotion, geometry and material.

Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Honorable Mention | Category: Commercial (Built)

Architect: Marie-Orit Theuer
Country: Afghanistan

The jelly fish consists to 98% of water and constantly corresponds with it`s environment the water. So I wanted the structure also to be able to react to the environment. The water streams and the swimming direction affect the symmetry of the movement.

Since the atmosphere and not the water is the living environment of the human I decided to translate the locomotion of the jelly fish by using tension and wind.

The structure is able to adapt to environmental influences. The eye on the top opens when tension is released. When the eye is open and when there is wind it gets even bigger and moves a bit like a jelly fish and gives a signal to the surfers. The eye is oriented towards south-west, that`s where the surf wind come from.

Since the people only stay during the surf season, I tried to minimize the impact of the structure on the ground.

The spot is next to the beach, a bit elevated and on quite sandy ground. I used the topography for creating the space. Minimal surfaces for sleeping and storing sport equipment are planar.

The sleeping areas are oriented towards the north and away from the beach. The common spaces are oriented to the south and to the water. Every room is separately accessible. Pathways lead away to different destinations like tentacles.

There is one shower between the sleeping spots. One shower is in the south, towards the sea so one can just hop in between surfs.

The areas are all in one volume  but they are visually separated by the topography.

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