Aging with Connection | Wooji Choi

‘Aging with Connection’ is a residential housing project for the immensely growing number of elders all over the world.

Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Honorable Mention | Category: Housing (More than 5 Floors) (Concept)

Architect: Wooji Choi
Team Members: Wooji Choi, Seojeong Yoo, Surim Kim, Jieun Jang
Country: South Korea

The project focused on enhancing a sense of connection with the aged and their surrounding community and neighbors. To encourage active communication, the architectural design provides a flexible housing concept of ‘cell > unit > type’.

Furthermore, the designs are carefully customized for the aged by taking consideration of their physical and mental states. Along with physical comforts, elders could easily gain access to senior facilities within the community.

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