Medicos de Visas, is a project that transformed a failed food court building, onto a medical exam laboratory that processes nearly 200 applicants and their families daily.

Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Honorable Mention | Category: Commercial (Built)

Architect: Grupo ARKHOS
Country: Mexico

Its elliptical shape had to be addressed both on its simple shape and large size. It was a predominant element on the project. The front of the property was a parking lot and was transformed onto a tensed membrane covered plaza that will house a resting area for the families waiting for the applicant to finish their examination. In all, the building had to transform its image onto an attractive inviting institution.

The project needed a contemporary look, besides that, the building had to be covered with a material that allowed the complex elliptical shape to be lined with same dimension panels. The mere size of the ellipse needed an interesting cover, so we opted to create a three-dimensional, urban scaled, triangular pyramid texture. The 3D texture had to have sharp well-defined edges, and dimensional consistency.

On the main entrance, we needed a covered portico both to access the building, and to access the covered plaza. The covered portico needed a bright color that would withstand the harsh desert sun it will endure. It needed to make a statement.

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