“People should pursue what they’re passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else.” – Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the most prominent figures in the world, well-known for his innovative projects, visionary path, imaginative thinking, and successfully implementing strategies. He is the CEO and chief engineer at SpaceX and also at other major companies. According to the Forbes billionaire’s list and Bloomberg Billionaires index, Musk is the wealthiest person in the world.

Despite being born and raised in South Africa, he has shifted to California to attend Stanford University, where he started his career in business. At the early age of 12, he learned programming and sold a code that he developed. He started his business career in 1995 with the initiation of a software company called Zip2 together with his colleagues. Since then, he has been expanding his business centers in various fields, one after the other.

Individuality and Style 

Elon Musk’s strong personality and visionary plans to develop the future have gained significant recognition and featured in the main headlines of Magazines. Whether it is the exploration of space or underneath the earth, his primary vision towards the future, his ambition is impressing people widely. His aspiration, self-awareness, and balance while implementing his imaginative plans make him successful in his work.

“What makes innovative thinking happen? I think it’s really a mindset. You have to decide.”- Elon Musk.

His creative ideas, bold attitude, and guts to build and implement through his work ethic have led to work towards many projects that a human being is still far away from those ideas. Consequently, people are fascinated by these exceptional ideas. Despite being honest, he is also positive in receiving feedback and careful attention to detail – all of this led him to reach his goal. However sometimes, his blunt attitude and speaking of what comes to his mind have led to controversies in recent times.

Innovative projects – The architect of tomorrow 

Generally, we have a notion that architecture is related to designing buildings. But architecture can transform how you behave and how you relate to others. The essence of architecture lies in giving form to a portion of the world making people’s lives better physically, emotionally, and physiologically. Even though Elon Musk is not into the field of architecture, one can consider him an architect because of his ability to build forms for human beings making the world in which we live.

John Boelen says – ”Elon Musk is the biggest architect of our time”. He is building the biggest infrastructure around us. His innovative projects that are entirely different sectors include: PayPal – Financial sector, Tesla – Automobile sector, SpaceX – Aerospace, and SolarCity – energy sector.

PayPal – He became CEO of this money transfer service, PayPal in the initial years. In 2002, it was acquired by ebay with Musk as a primary shareholder.

TeslaTesla is an electric vehicle company that runs on clean energy-based in America. The company manufactures electric cars, battery storage facilities, solar panels, and solar roof tiles.

Model S, Model X, Model Y, Model 3: The models are self-driving cars/driverless cars with innovative technology, wireless controllers, cinematic experience, extra room space, studio-grade sound quality, and maximum control speed ranges.

Solar roof and panels – The main characteristic of a solar roof is to generate clean energy by integrating solar panels and storage systems.

Elon Musk as an architect - Sheet1
Elon Musk next to a Tesla Model _©wikipedia.org

SpaceX – An aerospace manufacturer that launches rockets and spacecraft. SpaceX attempted its first launch rocket – Falcon 1 in 2006 but it was a failed attempt. After two failed attempts, it succeeded in 2008 in reaching the earth’s orbit. It received a contract from NASA, and later Musk started working on his goal of reusable rockets. In 2015, SpaceX began the development of a satellite internet constellation to provide satellite internet access.

Elon Musk as an architect - Sheet2
SpaceX launch day_©nytimes.com

Neuralink – Musk co-founded Neuralink, a start-up company that integrates the human brain with Artificial intelligence (AI).

Hyperloop – A high-speed transportation system, Underground tunnel network by Boring Company. He is planning to execute a 3d tunnel network underneath – to integrate the entrance and exit of the tunnel into the fabric of the city with an elevator and using parking spaces. Designing so that the car speed will be at 200km/hr. This can cover a distance of more than 500 miles in just six to ten minutes.


Other than these major projects, he has completed several other works/activities such as Tham Lunag cave rescue, podcast appearance, music ventures, Twitter,etc.

All these things portray that Elon Musk’s approach towards architectural spaces (if he decides to design!), construction techniques, and materials will be highly futuristic, thinking beyond the latest trends.

Musk’s goals of the present established and future master plan comprises: creating habitats for humans on other planets, converting industries, automobiles, and households from using fossil fuels to sustainable energy; implementing high-speed transportation systems to relieve traffic congestion, and enhancing human health and brainpower. Overall, he is not only a mere businessman and entrepreneur but also an architect, engineer, inventor, influencer, and technologist.


Sahithi is an Indian-based Architect and Interior designer. While Architecture is her profession, writing is her passion and makes her feel compelling. She believes writing about Architecture can bring a positive change and develop a sensitivity towards culture and Heritage.Despite these,she loves traveling.