In addition to being the Black Panther’s sister and having one of the best minds in the world, Princess Shuri is also the chief science officer for Wakanda. A post she treasures more than her royal status, the mastermind behind Wakanda’s most astonishing technological advancements. Being incredibly smart and a teen genius, her scientific talents are practically unparalleled. Shuri is Marvel’s most promising character in ages. Her inventions would put the older and more experienced Marvel experts to shame.

Shuri has elastic, game-for-anything energy that’s almost as infectious as her luminous grin. Her playful teasing is the only thing that can crack her brother’s otherwise sombre effect, but she’s also quickly revealed to be the wickedly smart force behind every mind-blowing Wakandan invention. If T’Challa’s Blank Panther and his spy ex Nakia are Wakanda’s James Bonds, Shuri is their Q, steering them to success with her quick wit and quicker mind. But what if her persona had a different approach? What if she picked up to be an architect? Have you ever thought about how her individuality would reflect on being an architect? What new technology would she use in building structures?

Shuri as an Architect - Sheet1
Shuri in her personal laboratory_©Marvel Studio

Genius-level intellect

Despite her young age, 16-year-old Shuri is extraordinarily intelligent. She is truly one of the smartest humans in the world, which allows her to lead the Wakandan Design Group and create some of the most recent Wakandan advances in technology.

In architecture, developing new technologies and software can improve building efficiency and durability while making the rendering of building design easier. Smart technology can enhance security, comfort, and efficiency.

Shuri as an Architect - Sheet2
Shuri modifying her gauntlets_ ©marvel cinematic universe

Master engineer

Shuri is an exceptionally accomplished and ingeniously prolific engineer, as she developed and has overseen Wakanda’s technology, including weaponry, defenses, communications, transportation, her energy blast gauntlets, her brother T’Challa’s new Panther Habit, and Bucky Barnes’ Vibranium arm. Her usage of advanced technology integrating nanotechnology in the Panther Habit preceded the genius Tony Stark‘s fiftieth armor. She would have been a prominent architectural engineer. She would have foreseen and addressed several major challenges of the 21st century. 

Shuri as an Architect - Sheet3
Shuri with her Vibranium Gauntlets_ ©Marvel Studio 2018

Master scientist

Shuri is an exceptional scientist, being the leader of the science division of Wakanda, and has expertise in fields such as engineering, physics, chemistry, medicine, and computer programming. In addition to rescuing Everett Ross from an injury, she was able to remove Bucky Barnes’ programming and even came up with a way to remove the Mind Stone harmlessly from Vision that surpassed the work of Bruce Banner.

Shuri as an Architect - Sheet4
Shuri Heals Agent Ross_©marvel cinematic universe

She would have given a new definition to the design of the total built environment, urban design, and landscape architecture, from the macro-level of town planning to the micro-level of creating furniture. Doing research and developing concepts on myriad levels are required to create buildings. 

Shuri as an Architect - Sheet5
Shuri trying to separate Vision from the Mind Stone_©marvel studios

Gifted tactical specialist

Shuri is a skilled leader with a knack for diplomatic approaches in both the political and combat circuits. Tactics and strategies were taught to her by her Wakandan war chiefs during her childhood and by her brother. She was taught to always think two steps ahead of her enemies and three steps ahead of her friends by her father. In the design-built profession, this technicality of being ahead of the game is a good trait for controlling project aspects, scheduling, and execution. This aspect plays an important role in the progress of projects and hence in determining their direction.

Master inventor

Just like her brother, she is a phenomenal mechanist with an inherent understanding of Wakandan technology and ingenuity. She would be able to design and create a variety of astoundingly useful technologies all by herself. Either in her lab or on the move, she has developed a range of impressive spy gear and customized aviary equipment for fun.

Change and innovation are a part of the design profession. Client’s need and wants for something new, modern, and original is always a new challenge. This thrive is what keeps the designers on their toes, and Shuri would ace it without a doubt! 

Shuri shows T’Challa the upgraded Panther Habit_©marvel cinematic universe


Shuri is a technological genius at heart and would make good use of the resources to help advance the nation. She believes a device can never be improved enough, no matter what she invents. The Wakandan princess gets very excited to have her latest creation used by herself to see how effective it is. Additionally, she can be sarcastic at times and doesn’t like fooling around. While she takes her work seriously, she is always up for playing a prank.

These qualities would make Shuri an exceptional architect. She would have probably topped up the game and would have changed the whole scenario. A new era would have commenced, where dream projects could become realities. Gone would be those days when tedious and over-timed jobs would have been replaced by new smart gadgets and technology, which is what we need right now.


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