Agmashenebeli Avenue is the main street of the left bank of the Mtkvari river and was from the outset a place of new ideas and architectural innovation. It was the centre of the city’s cultural life and witnessed many important historical events.

Studio Name: Idaaf Architects
Design Team: Nana Zaalishvili, Salome Berechikidze
Area: 6 971.72 sq.m
Year: 2019-2020
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia Photography Credits: Idaaf Architects
Other Credits: Saxon Managment Services

New Generation Theatre by Idaaf Architects - Sheet5
©Saxon Managment Services

Its current appearance dates from the 1880s and reflects diverse styles and the work of many prominent architects working in Georgia including: Leopold Bielefeld, Paul Stern, Albert Salzmann, Alexander Ozerov and others.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Apollo Cinema was built here alongside hotels, houses and other important cultural and administrative buildings. Most of them were built in the classical, but also then very popular Art Nouveau style. This street’s rhythm of life, its cultural diversity, and architecture clearly reflect the close connection Tbilisi had at the time with Europe and the wider world and how quickly contemporary cultural and architectural tendencies found a place in the city.

New Generation Theatre by Idaaf Architects - Sheet6
©Saxon Managment Services

The Youth State Theatre is now almost a century old. Its current appearance is the result of the 2008-2013 restoration, during which the original and authentic Soviet facade was replaced by a more classical, eclectic style. Because the building was never originally designed to be a theatre it lacks some of the essential requirements of a theatrical space which hinders its work.

The proposed new architectural and interior design for the New Generation Theatre will rectify this deficiency by meeting the requirements of modern theatrical productions as well as high safety standards. Natural, white terracotta tiles will cover the facade together with high, airy, stained glass, plus panels to advertise current and future productions. The proposed facade blends with the existing vernacular style of the street. Its simple, yet modern, design will work in harmony with the other buildings to add new value to the well-already established urban environment of Aghmashenebeli Avenue.

New Generation Theatre by Idaaf Architects - Sheet10
©Saxon Managment Services

Youth theatre is of huge importance to the development of Georgia as it will play a key part in the education of future generations. So it is important to provide a space that gives young people the opportunity to experience drama in a building that matches the highest international standards.


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