Urban Canvas_Facade Installation

We intend to reinterpret the possibility for the boundary of the wall using new materials with time.

Design: Hyunje Joo_Baukunst (https://joohyunje.wordpress.com)
Architect: Hyunje Joo, Munhyung lee(Rium architects)
Location: 3, Geumseonggwan-gil, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
Finish Material: HDPE
Photogrpher: M.A.P
Site Area: 396.6m2
Size: 1700x1400x700cm
Structure: brise-soleil screen attached to existing structure
Project Year: 2017-2019

Naju Art Museum, Facade Installation By hyunjejoo - Sheet2

As a flexible architectural element rather than a fixed element, a wall consists of 1,500 the structural semi-transparent basket surface.

The surface minimizes the separation between the inside and outside, light and silhouettes beyond the space show through.

Naju Art Museum, Facade Installation By hyunjejoo - Sheet5

Through time and changes the surface of the wall due to the interflection-reflection of material.

Time stimulates the inside of our senses and more actively intervenes between spaces.


When the building is demolished in 2 years, the baskets can be reused. And this memory could be expand in the current time.


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