The client DKC is an electrotechnical manufacturer, a Russian brand with a long history. Nowadays one of the biggest players in the field of electric wire, IT-supplying and energetics. The new facility was created as a multifunctional space: a study center for the employees, conference hall, office and museum.

Studio Name: Nefa Architects
Design Team: Architects:
Dmitry Ovcharov
Arthur Avakyan
Svetlana Dudina
Yulia Semkova

Rustam Yusupov

Sergei Kurepin
Project managing:
Daria Turkina

Area: 1414,75 m2
Year: 2021
Location:  Tver, Russia
Photography Credits: Ilya Ivanov

DKC Academy By Nefa Architects - Sheet4
©Ilya Ivanov

The museum is dedicated to innovation and high quality standards of the products that are a pride of the manufacturer. Also the educational center is specially designed to communicate that quality in every detail is the key motto of the brand.

DKC Academy By Nefa Architects - Sheet6
©Ilya Ivanov

Interior is designed in a strict manner, to give the feeling of a factory, using clean undisturbed surfaces such as white concrete. Bright details and lighting solutions let the spaces rest clean and filled with air. White and red are corporate colors of DKC.
In the conference rooms the tables are designed with metal pieces of manufacturer’s production to transfer its technical quality into the aesthetic realm.

DKC Academy By Nefa Architects - Sheet7
©Ilya Ivanov

NefaArchitects also had a chance to develop the facades of the complex, which gave the building and interiors a uniform feeling of transparency and lightness.


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